Remember how I warned you all to never buy running shoes off the clearance rack? Boy do I stick to that sentiment! I did my half marathon training in a pair of cheap running shoes that caused bleeding blisters, sore ankles, and tight tendons. Then comes Mizuno to the rescue!

Besides the fact that Mizuno makes running shoes for running, I found my perfect pair on their online assessment Precision Fit Online.

Precision Fit Online

This 60 second online survey helps you find the right shoe for you. It asks you questions like your height, weight, running pace, arch type, leg shape,  and leg axis and from this information will suggest the best shoe type for you.

I was recommended the Wave series because I require more cushioning (especially with such high arches).

This tool also gives you a training program based on your flexibility.

My Thoughts- The Wave Creation

My initial thought when I put on my pair was “should I order a bigger pair?” I am a classic size 8 but these size 8’s were a little snug. I decided to take the chance of the shoes stretching out and they did so they fit well now. It’s something to keep in mind when you order a pair.

I love how cushioned my Wave Creation’s are. In my cheap runners my arches would ache during and after the run because they had no support.

They don’t only have cushioning under my feet, but around as well. The shoes are thicker material so my entire foot feels wrapped up. A minimalist runner may not like it but I love it, especially with my foot injury still giving me a hard time.

Looks wise, the Creation is super space age with the open heels that still provide a lot of support.

All I have to say is I will never run in clearance shoes again! No matter how broke you are, the investment in a good pair of running shoes is critical!

Have you ever trained in awful shoes?

What’s your favourite running shoe?

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