Happy Monday! I am on baby countdown, just three more days and this little guy will make his appearance! I spent spring break cleaning and crossing things of the to-do list. Part of this was putting the final touches on the mountain theme nursery / kids room.

This baby was a wonderful and very welcome surprise but it’s a tight fit in our little two bedroom house. Ryan and Ace are with us every other weekend and the plan is to have the baby in our room on those weekends. But when they aren’t with us, this room had to be a nursery for him. I worked hard to create a room that was cute but not overly baby-ish as the other two kids live there part time too.

I, of course, wanted a mountain theme nursery for the baby. My sisters decked it out with decor from Hobby Lobby and Laura painted an amazing mountain mural on one wall. I am so happy with how the room turned out!



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