I bought my own set of clubs two summers ago. I have always lived by the motto that if you invest money into a sport you are more likely to stick with it, it’s what I did for snowboarding anyway. I have been going to driving ranges for three years now but never had the courage to try an actual course. So when Ryan suggested we go golfing today I was so excited to get in there and do it. How did I do? Er…. That’s not important. Lol. What’s important is that I had a great time.

1 thought on “My First Golf Game Ever

  1. Glad you had a chance to get out on the course. Looks like you had fun from the pictures. I have been playing golf for more years than I can remember and every time I get out it is an adventure. It is a game to be enjoyed for a lifetime, so I hope you continue with it.

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