I’ve been so busy with work, baby, marathon training, and learning to ski, that I haven’t taken the time to write about a major health overhaul I have just undertaken.

I have partnered with Bethany Gettis, a C.H.N. Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant based out of Calgary, at Nutritious and Delicious to undergo a month long healthy eating plan to jumpstart a healthier new year and hopefully help some more baby weight slide off. 

I’m nine months postpartum and still have about 15-18 extra pounds sitting on my body. And while I have the workout thing down with my running schedule, I’ve gotten into terrible eating habits since my last trimester that I haven’t been motivated enough to correct. King sized chocolate bar for an 8 p.m. snack? SURE! Two big helpings of spaghetti just because it tastes good? Why not? Greasy French fries slathered in sweet and sour sauce? You said the magic words!

Ok, you get the idea, I’m almost at the one year mark of when I said “Forget it! I’m going to eat whatever I want!” and I’ve been doing so ever since. And as the saying goes;

  “Weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise.”

Personalized Nutrition Plans

I’ve done a healthy eating challenge before and I took off eight pounds in that one month of turning my habits around. What I LOVE about this plan is that is completely customized to me and my nutritional needs. 

I had to fill out a detailed survey about my eating, my food history, foods I hate, foods I love, etc. This was followed by an hour long phone call with Bethany where we went over my results and went into further details about my needs and goals. It felt awesome knowing that this wasn’t going to be a one size fits all plan, it was one size fits me.

After talking about my frequent sweet cravings and my running schedule, Bethany customized a plan for me that was high in fats to keep me feeling satisfied.

Nutritional Consultant at Your Fingertips

What’s EXTRA nice about Bethany’s service is that she has a personalized Nutritious and Delicious app for only small fee each month, similar to my MyFitnesspal but has many more personalized perks.

The one I think is the best is the messaging function with Bethany. So for example, if I’m out shopping and they don’t have the type of sauce she wrote into my plan, I can message her and get a quick response.

I wonder how many 8 p.m. texts she’ll get saying I’m craving chocolate bars? Probably none actually! Because she wrote in an evening snack and has tried to incorporate chocolate in the form of dark chocolate or chocolate protein powder. 

She downloads your meal plan into your app and you apply the whole day onto your tracker. You have the ability to change and customize your plans as your day goes on and you can look up foods that you’ve added into your day. I LOVE the fact that you can create a grocery list based on the days you’re shopping for.

Time to Meal Prep

I struggle with healthy eating because I hate being in the kitchen making meal prepping a pain! The meals I was given this week were so simple that I mainly prepped the chopped veggies, pre-made the smoothies, and baked the macaroons. Even then, I spent 2.5 hours of my Sunday in the kitchen. If I ever had the money, I wouldn’t buy a mansion or a fancy car, I would have all my healthy meals prepared for me. Sounds like heaven! 

My plan was a mix of recipes Bethany created herself and easy to make meals like meat and veggies, shepards pie, and crockpot chili. These are very similar to meals I make all the time, so it  will be easier to make my meal and Ryan’s at the same time with similar ingredients. Bethany does this on purpose so that there isn’t a ton of extra time spent creating separate meals.

My Goal

My goal is mainly to reset my mindset when it comes to eating and get out of the bad habit of shoving whatever I want in my mouth. Once I’ve done a month on a plan like this, I can continue to make these nutritious recipes and portion sizes in the future.

My secondary goal is to take off some weight. I don’t want to put a number on it because that’s a lot of pressure for a busy working mom. If some came off, that would be great.

But just like my last challenge, I know that sharing my journey will help keep me accountable and also maybe spark some ideas for my readers! 

About Nutritious and Delicious 

The goal at Nutritious & Delicious is to reduce the time and remove the stress of organizing healthy eating for the long term. Their clients are people who want long term physical and mental health.

You can start off by booking a free 30 minute consultation if you want. Visit her website today!

As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Bethany doesn’t provide ready made meal plans. She works one on one with clients to tailor a healthy nutritious lifestyle plan for the whole family.



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