I don’t know what it is about April but both this year and last I travelled a lot this time around. Last year I went to Vegas, LA, Vancouver and Seattle and this year I hit Jasper and Seattle in a two week period.

My baby sister Laura and her husband Nick (and their three dogs) are moving to Oslo, Norway next week! They both got jobs in the Oslo offices of the company they work for. And if you think my 13 hours of driving to get there is bad, my little brother Ben rode a train for 30 hours from Fargo, North Dakota to be there to say goodbye!

Laura & Nick’s goodbye party took place at a friends home in Snohomish and was an absolute BLAST! Besides the incredible sangria Laura served, her hosts had a backyard volleyball court and I was able to put all my lessons from this semester’s PE classes to good use! Even better, the few hours of the party is when the clouds cleared up and the sun came out (the rets of the weekend was rainy) so it was destiny to play!

We were having a ball smack talking and laughing at how awkward almost everyone was. I told Ryan I want to spray paint a court in our backyard this summer for get togethers.

Our volleyball posesOn Sunday we all piled into one car to head down to Seattle Centre to go up to the top of the Space Needle. My sisters and I had never been and since she was leaving, Laura wanted to do that one task.

It’s not cheap folks! $22 just to go up there and we spent maybe 20 minutes up there looking around and taking pictures before coming down. A ferry adventure is a much better bang for your buck!

But we had to do it and up we went. They pack you into the elevators and Laura and I are both super claustrophobic but the ride is only 41 seconds and the elevators are all windows so there was no panicking when we got up there. My first thought was that it wasn’t nearly as high up as I thought! I have been on the 51st floor of the Columbia Tower and that was much higher up than the space needle.

We took our time walking around the entire thing and asking workers about how often they have rogue base jumpers. Turns out the last rogue base jumper was in the 70s which I find so surprising with people and their attempts to create viral videos.

After we were done we planned to snap a photo at the base and head to another Seattle landmark, Gasworks Park and perhaps the Fremont Troll but surprise! surprise! It started pouring on us and before we knew it we were all fairly damp (Laura is the only smart one who brought an umbrella). That cut our day short and we went back to Laura’s to help her pack.

It was a really quick trip and I didn’t even attempt to get together with friends because it was so quick and I had to spend every minute with my sister that I could. I’m hoping to save up enough to go to Norway this summer for some serious hiking and more time with my sister.

Overall any time with my family is a blast because we are all HUGE goofballs!

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