After another summer of being stuck indoors I have come to the absolute final conclusion that working a full time desk job is truly not for me, and I will never find happiness or contentment with my life if I’m stuck indoors in front of a computer. Funny thing to hear from a blogger, but blogging takes a small amount of time compared to an entire work day.

This is where I belong
This is where I belong

I’m approaching a milestone birthday, I’ll turn 30 at the end of the year and I’m really reflecting on my 20s and what I have accomplished and learned about myself. The one reflection that is screaming at me is that I haven’t been working at a job I’m passionate about! I keep going for the safe jobs that pay well and have good benefits but I’m certainly not passionate about government work!

I’ve mentioned it before but I originally went to college to get my degree in Physical Education, I wanted to coach more than anything. But when I proudly told that to the people in my life (parents, relatives, a former high school teacher) I was bombarded with “No! Teachers don’t make any money” “You’re too smart to be a teacher” “Go into business where you can make some money” so being only 18, I took others people’s advice and majored in Public Relations,  a field which according to the chart offered steady pay raises throughout my career.

I have been working in public relations/communications for just over eight years now. I’m good at it, I have done well in my past jobs, I get along well with people and I’m a hard worker- but I don’t enjoy it. Not one little bit.

How I spend most of my summer

My dream is to go back to school for two years and finally get that physical education degree but I worry that financially it just isn’t possible. I married for love, not for money. What am I to do?

I have thought of all kinds of avenues; starting my own consulting company and taking on fun clients that I can be crazy and creative with, get my certifications to teach group exercise courses, get a couple of part time coaching jobs to equal one full time job. The easiest thing to do would be to find a PR job with an outdoors/fitness focused company that offers me a creative outlet and encourages employees to get out and move (Lululemon, I’m talking about you). The problem is because my husbands children are in Southern Alberta, I need to stay here for the next 10 years and there aren’t many fun & funky companies based out of Lethbridge.

I need to be a professional coach
I need to be a professional coach

What’s a girl to do? I have a lot of thinking and figuring out to do. All I know is that come December 18, I want to have a semi-clear path as to the next steps of my career path.

Any advice?

Suggestions for a career path I would love?

Have you done a major career change?

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  1. I made a major career change a while back – I was a teacher and I went to law school and now I sit in front of a dreaded computer all day. Worst. Decision. Ever. Get out from behind the desk while you still can 🙂

  2. Good luck Betty! I’m sure you’ll figure out something if you want it bad enough, and it sounds like you do. I just made a career change and started my masters, this week! eek. I still get stressed about the money but I’m lucky enough to have a partner that supports me in pursuing my dream and I’ve decided it’s worth the financial struggle. I think sometimes we have an idea about what a path looks like but if you’re creative you’ll make it work.

  3. I also went to school for my current position which involves sitting at a desk…all day long, but fitness is my absolute passion. I work towards it day after day and one day, I hope to move more into a fitness career. Love this post! Good Luck to you on whatever path you choose, follow your heart – just like you did with your marriage 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! I think in college they need to discuss the daily routine of a career when you’re exploring it. If they had asked me at 19 years old if I wanted to spend the rest of my life glued to a computer sitting I would have thought it was a cruel joke!

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