I wanted to post this last week on Logan’s one month birthday but if there is one thing I am lacking (besides sleep) it’s the energy or focus to sit down and write. But it’s Sunday which means I have Ryan helping me so I actually don’t have a baby attached to my hip. Let’s do a quick three point check in on Logan, TyTy, and myself during this first month.

Logi Bear

1.Logan is an eater! He eats every two hours on the dot. It makes me even more glad that I chose to formula feed over breast feeding because if formula can’t keep him full for long, how would he do on breastmilk? It also means Ryan takes turns on the night feeds thank goodness! Getting up every two hours was brutal.

2. He’s not fussy at all. This little guy literally only cries when he’s hungry and then he chills out the rest of the time. He’s very much like his brother that way.

3. Unlike his brother, Logi is a major snuggler/co-sleeper. During the first three weeks I slept with him on my chest and during the day he won’t nap unless he’s being held. At week three I couldn’t sleep anymore because of his little chirps and grunts and the worry of rolling over on him. It was sad, but we had to move him into his bassinet at night which is why I give in during the day with his need for snuggles.


1.The first couple weeks were tough on Ty and he displayed all the typical jealous toddler behaviours. He would hit the baby, throw things at him, have melt downs constantly, and scream for attention. But it was short lived and now he loves the baby. He wants the baby to be with us wherever we go, he hugs and kisses him. I can tell they will be very good friends.

2. Ty also looks HUGE now that a new baby is in the picture. He seemed so tiny and now I have a newborn and all I see are long legs and this grown boy!

3. And this last new thing has made me sad, Ty is learning how to play independently. Because I can no longer give him my full focus he has begun to play quietly on his own in his room or in the living room. It’s great to see and sad at the same time. Soon enough he’ll have a permanent playmate.

The Mama

1.I am five weeks post c-section and happy to report 100% pain free. In fact, I am chomping at the bit to start working out and running! I have a week and a half until my doctor appointment when I get the all clear, and while I’m sure it would be fine to start light exercise now, I’m the kind of person that follows doctor’s orders to a tee.

2. Mentally, I feel amazing. Yes, I am exhausted and going crazy with boredom being at home; but I am way happier compared to how I felt when I was pregnant. I didn’t talk about it at all but I had pretty bad prenatal depression/anxiety. There were some points where I thought I was going to die. (Even this small admittance feels too vulnerable.) Anyway, with that over the mundane day to day feels incredible in comparison.

3. And body-wise, well, I knew what to expect this time around and I’m still struggling with it. I knew I wouldn’t lose all the weight right away and I would be sporting a double chin for awhile but it’s still hard to deal with when I get dressed. I keep telling myself it won’t be like this for long and I know the steps I need to take when the time comes.

Sorry if this post is a little all over the place, as I said, I’m pretty tired.

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