I’m not good at home decor. There are some women who have a knack and some of us who just do our best to copy pictures off Pinterest, I’m the latter. But as I’ve gotten older, my decorating has become less about being trendy and more about having meaning. I was able to utilize Photowall to help personalize my kitchen.

The decor theme of my kitchen has always been ‘Grandma’s Kitchen.’ My grandma loved to cook and it seemed fitting that after she passed I put little knick knacks that reminded me of her around the kitchen. 

I have her European figurines that I grew up looking at, her sugar bowl, her cuckoo clock, and an old photo of my Grandpa when he joined the army at 17. I also filled my kitchen with plants as my grandma had a green thumb and her place was always bursting with greenery. 

But when it came to the walls, I knew I needed a change. The original color was a dark gray that was great at the time, but as I’m learning to cook and actually in my kitchen more, I wanted a brighter lighter feel. 

Going Vintage with Customized Wallpaper

I played around with the idea of wallpaper for a long time. But it sounded like so much work that I always put it off. 

Then I was introduced to Photowall, a Swedish company that specializes in creating wall art that reflects your personality. They do this with a huge selection of wall art and wallpaper murals and prints. What’s cool is that they custom print your wallpaper for your wall. Each panel is clearly labeled so you know exactly how to put up your wallpaper in a left to right formation.

After hours of pouring through all the hundred of murals and wallpaper prints, I enlisted my sister Laura to help me find the perfect print for ‘Grandma’s Kitchen.’ And that’s when we found Mint Crush-Mint and the search was over. My grandma loved flowers and birds so this print was a no brainer!


After I ordered the Photowall wallpaper, it came in so fast that I wasn’t ready for it! I still had to paint over the kitchen walls first. Once those were done, we put off putting up the wallpaper thinking it would be a big task. It definitely wasn’t!

We made the wallpaper glue, collected our knife and wallpaper scraper, and that was all the prep needed. All you have to do is use a paintbrush to spread the glue on the wall, stick the wallpaper panel to the wall and use your scraper to scrape away air bubbles and adhese the paper to the wall. It was much less work than anticipated. 

We installed the first panel and were on our way. It took a little bit of work to work around our window. We had to take each panel and measure out the pieces and cut them so that they would match up. 

It took about two hours (with all the kid interruptions) to get the wallpaper up. The way the panels work is so nice because lining up patterns is easy. I ordered enough wallpaper to do two walls but once the first one was up, I opted to keep the one as an accent wall and I am so happy with the results. 

Every time I look at this wall I smile. I know my Grandma would love it, and I love how it livens up my kitchen. 


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