The day before my wedding I led a group of friends and family to Bertha Falls in the snow. Because so many of my friends and family had to travel a long way to be with me I wanted to ensure they had a great experience.  I busted out all my extra toques, sweaters, gloves and jackets and away we all went.


Me leading my hiking group to Bertha Falls
photo (1)
Yeah for winter hiking!


We stopped halfway there at a scenic viewpoint and took a ton of photos.

My best friend from high school Diana came all the way up from Seattle.
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As always, I was wrong about how long the hike was. I thought it was 2 km altogether, and it was actually 2km each way. So after the scenic viewpoint, we still had a little over a kilometre to go and everyone (especially my City sisters) started to complain. I kept telling them it would be worth the trouble in order to see the beautiful waterfall. But when we got there, the falls were completely covered in snow! We hiked all that way to look at a pile of snow! Needless to say, I had some disappointed hikers.

Hopefully, they still enjoyed being outside.

A bride's job is never done. Texting on the hike
A bride’s job is never done. Texting on the hike

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