I haven’t talked too much about my pregnancy on the blog because I feel like most readers won’t care. But this is the biggest lifestyle change I’ll every undergo so I’ll have to talk about the baby and motherhood sometimes.  I won’t let it become the sole focus of the blog and just think of all the cute baby hiking photos to come! 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would do a check in because I haven’t talked about my pregnancy since announcing it back in October and revealing the gender in December. This week marks the beginning of third trimester and I’m scared, everyone tells me this is where it gets bad again.

I spent my first trimester so sick and completely drained that it took everything I had to get through my day of teaching and go home and lay on the couch until bed. Not so with the second trimester though.


An Active Pregnancy

This is the best trimester and I can see why! The nausea goes away and you feel like yourself again, albeit with a little gut growing. Once I hit the trimester I felt good enough to get back into a routine. I started running and lifting weights again. I’ve made the switch from running to walking though due to varicose veins (ugh)!

I’ve been hitting hot yoga once a week with Jenna for six weeks now and have had no problems modifying poses or lying in child’s pose when my heart rate started to speed up.

I also felt good enough to plan an adventure and head out cross skiing! I fell going down a little hill and made sure I landed on my side, but after that I took off my skis and walked down all the little hills.

How I’ve Been Feeling

During all this time my little belly has kept growing and growing. I’ve been religiously slathering it with stretch mark cream to try and prevent tiger stripes.

I have been unfortunate enough to start seeing varicose veins! I knew it was coming as they run in my family. My mum has them all over her legs from her pregnancies and my brother even has a popped out vein on his leg. I noticed this summer after a long hike that one of my veins would temporarily pop out then go back in. That vein is now permanently out. Oh well. Nothing plastic surgery can’t fix in the future right? Until then, it’s compression socks for the win!

I credit my workouts and yoga to the fact that I haven’t had any of the symptoms that the Bump app suggested. I haven’t had any swelling, back pain, headaches, or trouble sleeping. I have had a lot of round ligament pain as this little guy is stretching me out, but overall I’ve felt great!

Prepping for Baby

In terms of getting ready, people have been so kind already that I have most of what I need already! A friend of a friend gave me boxes and bags of baby stuff and clothes ranging from newborn to 2T! I won’t need to buy clothes for this kid until he’s 2 years old! So crazy!

I still need to get the bedroom ready. It’s hard in our little two bedroom home because we have to fit Ryan and Ace in there every other weekend. We bought a bunk bed and are only going with a crib, change table, and dresser in terms of furniture for the baby. I found a great dresser on the curb for free and painted it and put on these amazing raw wood edge knobs from Hobby Lobby. We still need to paint the room and I would like to paint a mountain mural on one wall too- but we’ll see!

Overall, pregnancy hasn’t been as horrible as I was anticipating. But then again, I’m just now entering the third trimester, who knows what’s coming. Ha ha! If you stuck around and read this whole update, thank you, you’re a good friend. 😛

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update- Entering the Third Trimester

  1. Thanks for the post! It is fun seeing how things are going with you these days. You are going to be a great mamaa

    1. Thanks for letting me know Heather! I keep hearing over and over how bad it’s going to get and it freaks me out! Ha ha! I just can’t wait for this little man to make his appearance already! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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