As summer sadly comes to an end, it’s time to squeeze in a couple more adventures. If you live in Southern Alberta you HAVE to head to Waterton Lakes National Park to enjoy natures greatest water park, Red Rock Canyon. I’ve been lucky enough to get out there twice this year with boys.

One day my friend Paula and her children and walked up the canyon a bit to enjoy the natural waterslides.

Paula took Logi and I strapped Ty on and we picked our way along up the canyon.

It was a hot day making the cold mountain water felt good.

It doesn’t matter how many times I go to Red Rock Canyon, I’n still in awe of the colours, the shape, and the rock formations.

We went as far as the second bridge on the trail above the canyon. Here, water drips down from the canyon walls. The kids wanted to go further but I hesitated to go much more with two babies strapped on us.

Some other family members of mine have gone way up the canyon and found a waterfall! I would love to get out there minus the babies to cover some distance and find this secret waterfall.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Book off a day, pack a lunch, and take the family up for a lot of fun in nature’s waterpark.

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