I was a little nervous when I picked out the Nike FS Lite for my 2014 running shoe, I couldn’t find a single review online! Every year, I ask for new running shoes as a birthday present and I went with my mum and sister while in Washington to pick out a pair.

I had already signed up for the 10k and really wanted a good shoe. While trying on the many different kinds what struck me about this shoe was the extra cushioning in the arch. I have high arches and deal with shin splints every time I start running. But I was still nervous because this shoe had so little sole! I’m used to Asics with the thick, cushion-y soles. But my mum told me that the trend was minimalist shoes (true) and she suggested I try a light weight shoe for once.

Official Product Description

A lightweight, flexible, low profile trainer, the Nike FS Lite Training Shoes are perfect for performance training indoor and out. Built with a seamless upper and crafter with increased flexibility in the midsole, the FS Lite is designed to move naturally with the foot and provide lateral support for strength and agility training.


  • Seamless upper with no distractions, crafted to move with your foot
  • Low profile, flexible, and supportive midsole crafted
  • Natural motion outsole design with rubber compound under the heel, lateral forefoot, and toe for grip and durability

After running my 10k in these babies, here are my thoughts:


  • Amazing cushion on my arches!
  • No tingly feet after long runs (this happens to me often, I am crediting the extra arch support)
  • Lightweight


  • The tongue can slip and expose the laces and metal brackets which chafes the tops of my feet
  • Sometimes during long runs the ball of my right foot aches

Final Verdict

I think I’m hooked. Normally my shin splints always act up when I run but I have not had a single issue since getting these shoes. I think the extra arch support has made all the difference. I would definitely recommend these to any high arched runners out there.

Muddy and wet after the race!
Muddy and wet after the race!

6 thoughts on “Runner Review Nike FS Lite Run

  1. Thanks for this post! I’ve been looking for a review of these and hadn’t seen much online. Doing a half marathon and desperately need a new lightweight pair just for training so I think i’ll go for these in black and grey 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review. Just bought these in guys. Your review was the first one to pop up on Google search that I felt was a true review. Thanks for helping me make up my mind!

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