You know how you go shoe shopping in a large store like Sport Chek and the shoes are under separate headings like “Running, Cross Training, and Walking”? Well, I can honestly say that the Saucony Triumph ISO3 is the best shoe I have ever worn cross training!

I’ve been wearing them since Christmas both on runs and in the gym and this is what I have found.

Running/Cross Training

Like I said, most shoes are one or the other but I found these shoes to be great for both. I have problems with high impact workouts because my feet ache and even tingle when I’m jumping around for a long period of time. These are the first pair of shoes with enough cushioning that to prevent my feet from aching.


These shoes are LIGHT! When I first put them on I figured I would have the whole sore and tingling feet in class situation but like I said, as light as they are I have so much support.

Fantastic Support

Speaking of support, I have high arches and on long runs they tend to ache. I have found with these I don’t have that issues. According to the company, this is because they use ISOFIT Technology that adapts to the shape and motion of the runners foot.

Comfy Fit

Loyal readers know I have a large bump on the side of my foot from a stupid injury. I find that if shoes aren’t flexible than my scar tissue hurts to the point that I can’t wear the shoe. These shoes fit well but are super flexible.

Super Cute

And while it’s super important to have the qualities I’ve already listed, we still want our shoes to look cute don’t we?

These are my first pair of Saucony and I am very impressed! I would highly recommend this shoe for anyone who wants a shoe that they can both run and cross train in comfortably.

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