Do you think four posts dedicated to one weekend are a little excessive? Maybe just a bit! Ha ha! But each element of Seawheeze was so jam packed with fun and I have so many pictures that it just had to be broken off into smaller bites.

My sister Leilani came up from Seattle to spend the weekend with me and she purchased tickets to the Sunset Festival too. We wanted to get there early and got in line for the shuttle to Stanley park right at 4pm and still had to wait in a line. By the time we got on our bus the lines were 3x bigger!

What is it about riding a school bus that makes you feel like a little kid again?

When we checked in we had to show ID for a wristband to buy liquor and who do you think didn’t bring her ID because she didn’t think she would need it? C’est moi! But it turned out okay because while they had a ton of beer on tap, they didn’t have a gluten free option and it was just too hot for wine.

Leilani and I set up our mats near the centre and started checking out what the festival had to offer. The line for the runners store was crazy long so we bypassed that and looked at the jewelry, candle, home décor, and essential oil vendors.  There was a toasted marshmallow station that we said we were going to revisit but the line was so long the rest of the night we never did make it.

We went into this cool air bubble room where they had a painting you could colour in. I decided to dedicate my square to my sisters.

We had a blast playing luluputt, a homemade mini golf game where the putters were flamingos, Alice in Wonderland style. There were only four holes but it took us awhile since the flamingo putter was so heavy and awkward.

Finally it was time for our Sunset Yoga festival with Global Yoga Ambassador, Stephanie Synder. They had a couple platforms up for demo-yogis and we were packed in tight but not so much that I felt claustrophobic.

The practice was nice and I loved doing the partner stuff with Leilani and dancing around like an idiot but I REALLY would have liked some hip stretching. We did a lot of warriors and Vinyasa flow’s and I would have loved some more deep lower body stretching.

It was so hot though we were sweating profusely and when the session was over we opted to leave our mats down and enjoy the music from there. Cat and Bryce found us and joined us at this point too.

The first band was Youngblood and if I understood what the MC was saying, the lead singer is a graphic designer by day and performer by night. I dug her funky, kinda Gwen Stefani vibe.

The next band was my favourite, Dear Rouge. First off, her dress had gold sparkly tassles on the arms making her cool in my books! Secondly, they had a mix of catchy originals and covers and the originals were really good!

As we were waiting for Chromeo this cool lit up robot on stilts guy came through the crowd and was dancing with folks. Of course I ran up there and had a dance too, Cat got video but there weren’t any pics.

By now it was 9:30pm and I had been up since 5am and was fading fast. Leilani and I agreed to hear one or two songs from Chromeo before trying to beat the crowds to the shuttle which I’m glad we did.

We both had so much fun and Leilani said she is down for the race with me next year! Maybe we could even get our sister to come from Norway for the festival, though she would never run in a million years. Ha ha ha!

Lululemon hinted at the theme being something about the psychedelic world of nature which sounds right up my alley! I can’t wait!

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3 thoughts on “Seawheeze Final Recap- Sunset Festival

  1. I think I was in the line around the same time frame as you too! But when I was in line, the line wasn’t too long, and was among the first 5 in line.. but then the line started getting busy.
    Aww I didn’t know they had that LULUPUT thing! I didn’t see it! Looks amusing though.

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