Yesterday I talked about the challenges I experienced travelling to and from Vancouver but now I get to talk about the amazing highlights of my trip including the fun packed day before the race. I knew that there was a festival after the race, but I had no idea there would be so much to do the day before! I finally understand why everyone raves about this race because it’s more than a run, it’s an entire weekend experience.

I had spent Thursday night at a hotel in Chilliwack and woke up at 6:30 am to head into Vancouver since registration opened at 7 am.

With 10,000 runners I expected the line to be super long but it wasn’t long at all and do you know why? Everyone was waiting in line for the Seawheeze store! It’s when Lululemon releases exclusive new gear and from 7am- 11pm only runners have access to the store. The line wrapped around the building! Apparently, people began lining up at 10 am the day before for this. I texted Cat and said the only way I would wait in line that long is if the clothes were free. And fellow Lethbridge blogger Kaella discovered that if you go at 3pm there is almost no line (though some of the stuff is sold out).

The line wrapped around this building!After picking up my registration gear (that came with a little Lululemon duffle- fun) I headed into downtown to window shop that morning and enjoy the city.

At noon I headed to Field & Social for Vega’s Seawheeze Social! I won’t lie, when I got the invite I felt like a total badass blogger. The space was beautiful to begin with and then with Vega’s decorations of fresh veggies lining all the walls it was such a beautiful setting.

A professional shot from Britney Gill PhotographyLet’s talk about the people and how I want to hug them all! The Vega folks were so friendly and funny and bubbly, and all the lunch attendees were fun and supportive and genuine. This wasn’t like networking events I attended in the business world where it was all fake and trying to establish relationships with people just to get something, everyone here was just themselves which was nice. Meeting Michelle, the Community Manager from Lululemon, was the highlight because she was so upbeat and quirky and fun, just everything you would associate with a Lululemon employee. Everyone was so supportive when I talked about how this was my first half marathon and how nervous I was. There were happy vibes floating all over the place. I wish I lived in Vancouver so I could hang out with all these awesome people on a regular basis!

Vega run’s the #bestlifeproject campaign which is all about living your best life. I think that goes hand in hand with better livin’ and I love being inspired by their social media and blog posts.

They also had a couple of speakers at the luncheon, one of them was a ultra-marathon runner (I’m sorry I’m blanking on his name) and he gave me a GREAT piece of advice that helped my race. He suggested using Vega’s line of sports drinks including the pre-workout energizer and the electrolyte hydrator while running. I’ve always had my doubts about how big of a difference these products would make but it did make a difference in my performance the next day!

The owner of Saje Wellness also spoke about the essential oils we were being given and I can’t wait to give them all a try. I actually used the digestive one on my stomach at the end of the meal because I was stuffed!

The food! Oh the food! It’s so nice eating vegan because I know there is no dairy in it and any dish that wasn’t gluten free was marked so I could eat until my heart’s content without worrying about being sick. We had spring rolls, cucumber gazpacho, green curry noodles, kale chips, salad, grilled corn with faux cheese, chocolate truffle protein balls, matcha cheesecake and more! Is your mouth watering yet?

After lunch I headed back to the festival on the waterfront because I was told they have a hair braiding station and I thought it would be a great idea to get my hair braided off my face. I waited in line for more than an hour but the time flew by because I made friends with the ladies in line with me (shout out to Irene). That’s what I loved more than anything about this event, everyone has such open hearts and radiate positivity. When I finally got up there I told them to make me look like a Viking and I think the look was well achieved.

After hair braiding, I got a spray on Seawheeze tattoo, a flash tattoo, and tried out a ton of samples. The evening passed by in a flash and I never felt lonely because I was busy and would chat with the people in line with me. I didn’t do the free manicures (seriously isn’t that cool) since I had just done my own nails a couple days before.

Finally, I headed to the hotel to rest up. My head was still all stuffed up so I ordered a hot bowl of spicy pho and watched the Olympics until I fell asleep.

Next up- a full race recap!

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  1. I’m so glad you got to go to the Vega social! It’s honestly one of my favourite parts of the SeaWheeze weekend and I was SUPER bummed that I had to miss out this year. But watch out – I WILL be there next year!!

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