I have often talked about how much I LOVE my Saucony Triumph’s. I used them to train for the Banff Half this year and I have worn them so much for cross training that I wore a hole in the top mesh of one shoe already! Sad day!!! It’s rare to find a running shoe that is comfortable for everything you do.

Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve been trying out the Saucony Freedom’s I received early on this fall. My first thought was on how cute the colour was (heathered chrome). This shoe offers a full midsole of EVERUNTM Continuous Cushioning.

I really liked how the tongue was attached making the shoe fit your foot like a glove.

They are also super lightweight and have a great sole made of durable TRI-FLEX crystal rubber.

They are reflective on the tongue and sides making it a great shoe for those dark winter outdoor runs.


On my treadmill runs, these shoes were awesome. I loved the snug fit because on a treadmill you have too much time to thing about stuff like your shoe shifting around.

But when I run on the treadmill, I run with better form, hitting mid strike like I’m supposed to. I noticed in my 5k that while on pavement, I always wind up switching my gate to heel-toe. I know that’s improper and why I have hamstring issues and am not getting to a speed I would like; but old habits die hard. When I started heel striking, my left heel started to ache. It was a good reminder to fix my gait, but I found myself missing my Triumph’s during my run.

I did a little research on Saucony’s website and the Freedom’s have a 4mm drop and Triumph’s 8mm. That’s why it felt so different.

I’ver been wearing my Freedom’s all week for our dance unit on the hard gym floor and they feel great! They’re super light and I’m loving the snug fit around my foot while I dance around like an idiot. Ha ha!

These shoes will be great over the winter for my cross training where I head inside for treadmill runs and strength training but I’ll want new Triumph’s next summer when I start outdoor training again.

Do you have a certain running shoe you’re loyal to?

What do you look for in a running shoe?

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