I’m trying to live in the now with my two babies but I do envision our future as they grow up. I see summer’s backpacking, travelling to different countries, and experiencing as much as we can. That said, they’re two and five months old so we have to start off with things like a simple day by the creek.

On May Long weekend, we didn’t go camping but we did head to Castle Wildland Park to spend some much needed time outside after the long winter and COVID house arrest.

I haven’t spent much time in this park with Waterton so close but there is a lot of park to explore and definitely less people. We pulled over next to a creek and had a picnic lunch before we started a simple walk along it.

Dressing Tynan up in his little mountain man outfit (complete with his own backpack) is so much fun! He even has a pair of Timberland hiking boots I found at a thrift store so he is legit ready to hit the trails.

Little boys are very easy to entertain if you’re near water. They will spend hours throwing rocks. Seriously, we spent the day walking along the creek and stopping to throw rocks every few seconds.

The highlight of our walk was seeing a skunk that was safely across the creek from us walk into his den.

And that’s it. When your kids are this little you can’t expect big adventures, you have to enjoy the simple days and build up to the good stuff.

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