When I found out I was pregnant again I knew that nutrition was going to play a big part in getting healthy and losing baby weight. But it’s not that easy, particularly when you’re home all day with two babies under the age of two. A baby and a toddler kicks your butt!  Call in Bethany from Nutritious & Delicious to help. Bethany helped me lose that last stubborn ten pounds last year after Tynan and this time around, I’m a part of her six month transformation challenge and I wanted to share with any readers who wanted to join.

She calls it the Mommy Makeover, but it really is for anyone who wants more than just a meal plan. It’s for people who want to do an actual lifestyle change. Each month she has a different focus, month one had been all about mentality. She puts out weekly videos related to these themes and answers questions from members.

What makes this easier for moms is she addresses things like cooking for the whole family, dealing with picky eaters, and managing your time to fit in health. She also has you work with an accountability buddy to check in on your goals and share what’s working and what isn’t.

Month 1 Check In

I’m behind on this challenge. I didn’t start until Week 3 so I’ve been playing catch up on videos and meal prep but the first week food wise went really well! I’m someone who was trained to eat seconds so relearning proper portions sizes is crucial. And there is so much fruit in this meal plan so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on my favourite summer snack.

I’m doing all the work and exercises behind changing my mindset but in my case it depends on the day. Some days I wake up feeling like myself, energetic and motivated and I but others I wake up so exhausted that it takes everything just to keep my babies content.

But that’s why this challenge came at the perfect time. I need these constant reminders to stay on track, to be patient with myself (and my kids) as i get back into the groove.

Join Me!

Anyone can join at anytime and honestly, you won’t find a better service for only $35 a month. And if you want, we can be accountability partners too!




Having had Post-Partum depression myself with my first baby, I know what it’s like to feel alone, overwhelmed and anxious as a new mother. Society put’s so much pressure on moms to be superwomen and on top of all that, lose the baby weight and be a contributor to the household.

I’ve worked as a nurse in the healthcare sector for over 5 years before kids, then went into holistic nutrition and earned a diploma from CSNN in 2010, with accompanying C.H.N designation. Motherhood has been the hardest job by far, but has taught me the most rewarding life lessons.

Learn from my trials and tribulations, how I have become the leader in my life and use what I have implemented to change your life too. When mom’s needs come first, we are in fact taking care of the whole family through a way of osmosis.

One on one coaching is the best way to manage your mom stress, nutritionally take better care of yourself to lose that weight, getting your family involved in a plan to eat better, make it a priority to exercise as a family and learn mindset tricks to thrive in your best life.


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