Literally! Let me explain…

Friday was my day to try out my new super sweet snowboard boots and hit the mountains.

After Christmas I was feeling poor and decided to hit up Pass Powderkeg in Blairmore, Alberta. It’s a small hill but the price is right ($32 for a full day pass). I was really disappointed when I pulled up and saw that they only had one small run open. Bunny hill material really. I was tempted to turn around and just go home but since I haven’t been snowboarding in over a year I went ahead and hit it up.

I took my first run and the snow was choppy and the run very easy but it still felt good. My laces were nice and tight unlike my last boots which I had to re-tie after every run. But then I headed to the lift…or rather- the T-bar!! A t-bar! I have heard of these but have never seen one before. So I got up there and told the lifties nervously that I had never been on one before and they placed it under my butt and it started to pull. I caught an edge and came so close to falling over! I was able to hold on but got pulled up by my waist which wasn’t very comfortable.

I made it up in one piece but my legs felt like I had finished a run, usually the chair lift up is your relaxation time. Anyway, off I went but after three runs my feet were tingly and numb and I had to go to the car to take them off for a quick break.

That’s how I spent my day. I would ride for about an hour and then the pain in my feet would become unbearable and I had to go take my boots off. My boots are snug but I read that they stretch out after 4-6 rides. Am I putting my bindings on too tight? Is that possible? Any advice would be really helpful. I can’t go to a bigger place with long runs if I have to stop every 45 minutes or so to let my feet out.

However, it was still a fun day, it was nice to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully this is the start of a fun-filled winter.

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