The Canadian adventure with my sister Leilani continues! Yesterday she and I went out to Castle Mountain so I could teach her to snowboard. Castle has an amazing option of getting a ticket for just the bunny hills, for $12 you can stick to the beginner chair and the three beginner runs which is perfect because beginner’s don’t last long and those of us teaching don’t want to spend too much for a day of not snowboarding.

Leilani rented her set up for $30 and we set off for the beginner runs. We saw the absolute beginner slope with a conveyer belt to go up and I thought that was perfect for Leilani to do her very first run ever before trying to get off the chair lift. It was really funny because I helped her up and as she was about to go down I let go of her hands and she slowly slid down the slight incline yelling as the tiny tots and their parents on the conveyer belt watched and laughed. She did the conveyer belt hill one more time and then we hit the chair lift.

Because its a beginner chair they stop it at the top so the beginner can take their time getting off. It took Leilani a looooong time to get down that first run. I was trying to teach her to plough so that she felt like she had more control. These little kids were flying past us because kids have no fear. The best was one little boy, probably around 8 or 9, asked if we were ok. ha ha ha!

The second run was slow and steady and Leilani kept bailing when she was doing fine. Adults are so cautious it takes them longer to learn. By the time we got to the bottom she said her legs were giving out on her and she needed a rest. So I went up on my own, did a a run down in probably one minute because the runs are so small and when I joined her, Leilani wasn’t feeling good and said she was done for the day. Again- thank goodness for the green chair!

It was still fun to get out and yesterday made me really excited for snowboarding in Utah with Bruce next week!

Having an amazing week of adventure with my sister!

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