When I saw that there was going to be a break in the extreme cold during Reading Week I set up a couple outings; skiing at Pass Powderkeg and snowshoeing somewhere in Castle Provincial Park. Rachelle and I headed out to snowshoe despite the high wind forecast knowing that Syncline Trail is mainly in the tree line and sheltered.

The roads were bad on the way there and back, but we persevered and had a spectacular day of fresh air, exercises, snow, and catching up! I wanted to head to the Lake Loop and see the lake that I tried (unsuccessfully) to get to cross country skiing with Samara last winter.

The wind was definitely blowing, but we only noticed it if we got to a clearing in the trees. Otherwise, the trees kept us nice and sheltered.

This time around, I took the right trail at the fork and got us onto the lake loop. I was excited/nervous about seeing this lake, wondering if it was another Loon Lake experience.

At one point we came to a clearing and a field of snow and we figured that must be the lake I was searching for. We took a great ‘disappointment’ shot, but right after passing this spot, we came upon what was obviously supposed to be the lake.

Just like the small spot we found, the lake was completely snow covered making it look like a field. It was also very open to the wind and it whipped at our faces. We took a few photos and then beelined back for the tree line.

I felt really good because while I was sweaty, I never felt out of breath and my legs felt pretty good. I think I’m ready to take on some uphill snowshoeing now!

We made it back about 2.5 hours later, sweaty and happy with our day.

I’m seriously obsessed with this little trail system. I told Rachelle we have to come out again in the summer with our kids to see what that lake actually looks like!

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