Remember how just yesterday I had posted a list of things I was doing to simplify my life and reduce some stress? Well….. my husband threw that out the window when he brought home this.

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A puppy, a border collie puppy at that! I have told him for years I would never like to have a border collie because they are so hyper which is why he brought it home unannounced.

My Inner Control Freak lost it! He took in a dog he knew nothing about. We don’t know who his parents are, how old he is, what his mix is, if he’s had any shots. Speaking of which, now we have to schedule his shots and check ups and buy toys and a bed. Our yard still isn’t fenced in which was fine for Rocky because he’s too timid to go far from home but this new guy is outgoing, he’ll be gone in a minute! Now we need to get money together to put in a fence, but it’s almost winter so it’ll have to wait until spring. Now we have to walk the dog in the middle of winter. Ryan hates the cold- I’ll be the one walking the dog in the winter.

I have a hard enough time walking one dog!
I have a hard enough time walking one dog!

I spiralled!! After a morning of fighting through angry phone calls and text messages (and I’ll admit some crying) I decided that I had to let it go. If it was the other way around and I brought home the puppy, Ryan would go with the flow so I knew I had to as well.

And do you know what happened when I made that decision? All the stress just disappeared albeit a little anxiety of the stuff to do for him (shots,treats,food, bowls, etc). Stress is often a state of mind and I can actually control it- say what?

As soon as I let it go I got excited about the new addition. We named him Apollo Breed to keep with the pun-y names (Rocky’s full name is Rocky Barkboa) and I just enjoyed him. I can’t stop comparing him to Rocky because Rocky was unnaturally mellow for a puppy but Apollo is loving and cuddly. Rocky is at a wonderful age where his is old enough to be obedient and loyal but young enough to enjoy playing all day.

But I am also expecting chewed belongings, accidents, and vet bills from the new addition. I just have to remind myself to breath and focus on the good points.

Meet Apollo Breed

sorry for the fuzzy photos, my iPhone sucks

1 thought on “So Much For Simplifying

  1. Oh my goodness, he is sure cute! I think I would have the same reaction as you as I am a planner and my husband bringing home another puppy would throw me for a loop

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