It’s becoming tradition to spend at least one day during the spring playing amongst the hoo doos at Writing on Stone Provincial Park. In the spring, the mountains are usually still under snow, so instead we head southwest. The hoo doos offer a bit of protection from any spring winds and the place is empty as this is typically a summer hot spot. 

Tynan had a blast climbing hoo doos and impressed me with his agility. Either he’s a natural or this year of gymnastics is paying off. He showed little fear and tried to follow his big brother Ace everywhere he went. 

Logan was a little less than impressed. While his love of being outside has grown this spring, he didn’t like being left behind when the other kids went up the hoo doos. But at 2 years old he just didn’t stand a chance. 

I tried putting him on my back and climbing around with him but he wasn’t very impressed because he wanted to do it on his own. 

Logan also showed he’s not too afraid of heights. His favourite occupation is throwing rocks, preferably into water, but in this case off ledges. He would walk right up to a ledge and throw a rock. Terrifying! We found a couple safe spots for him to sit and throw under our supervision. 

 After playing for about an hour we went down to the Milk River for what I thought would be the boys favourite part of the day- throwing rocks into the river. But I guess they were tired because both were cranky and ready to head home. 

I’ll always share Writing on Stone as it is a very cool spot tucked away in the prairies. It offers amazing outdoor days with the family!

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