Yesterday was Day 2 of  track & field at the Southern Alberta Summer Games in Taber and I was registered to run the 100 metre dash. I don’t know what possessed me to sign up for a race I haven’t done in nine years but I missed the feeling of spiking up and going as fast as my legs would take me.

I was in the senior division (20-46) and I was real worried I would be pitted against a bunch of college runners. When I arrived at the track in Taber I was absolutely shocked because the track was made of cement!!

I couldn’t believe it. Over half the reason I signed up for the race is because I was dying to spike up and spiking up was impossible now. Thank goodness I came in running shoes instead of flip flops like I had originally intended!

I did a little bit of warming up as I looked around for anyone who looked my age so I knew what I was up against. But it looked like it was just me and the kids. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was getting. My heart was pounding in my stomach.

Then the time came for my division. I went up to the track and looked around. Only one other woman was in it and she had never run a race in her life. So with that, the butterflies went away, I was no longer afraid of looking stupid. Now I just wanted to get a good time.

I did a 3-point start as there were no blocks and I was in my flat gyms shoes. When the gun went off I kept trying to dig in and push off the track but I had no traction. I could feel my shoes slipping slightly with each step and I felt SO slow!  So imagine my complete surprise when I came in at 13.47!!! Really? On a cement track with no spikes and no training? I was pretty happy with myself. The other woman came in at 16 so I looked really good in comparison. Ha ha ha!

I happily got my gold medal and headed home. If only I had more chances to do fun sprint races like this.

Gold medal baby!!
Gold medal baby!!

So I just found out the start of my race was on Global Lethbridge. Click here to check it out. I didn’t realize I almost false started!

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