The leaves are falling, it’s frosty in the mornings, its dark super early and the changing of the seasons is well under way. I’m a bit behind with writing but I still wanted to do a recap of my summer adventures. This year was a slower one than normal, I didn’t take on nearly as many long hikes as I like to do, but I got outside with my boys a ton!

Road Trip Adventures

I never wrote a recap my four week trip around Western U.S. with the boys. Probably because I had PTSD for so long when we got home. Road tripping with two toddlers, one of whom gets car sick and pukes, is not as glamorous as these van-life Instagram accounts make it look. Ha ha!

But I wouldn’t trade in our time for anything!


We spent the majority of our time in Washington because that is where my mom and sisters live. It was cool to celebrate the Fourth of July because my boys were granted their U.S. citizenships earlier in the year.

Highlights include;

Lazy Afternoons by the Columbia River

Beach Days

Quality time with my sisters

Quality sister time

PNW hiking!


We drove to Utah to stay with my brother and his family, it was so fun to watch the four Tynan cousins play!

Highlights include:

Hill Aerospace Museum

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium


Montana is one of the prettiest states! Mind you, if a state has mountains I’m all in. It took us three days to get through Montana and we made the most of it.

Visiting the Capitol building in Helena

Hitting up Family hotspots in Great Falls



I didn’t get as much time in camping as I would have liked, but we made the most of Aunty Barb’s camper van! When you have such little kids, a camper is a game changer.


Castle Falls

Lynx Creek



I did get some good hikes in, most with the boys, but I was able to complete Crypt Lake this season (barely). Ha ha! Hikes I did over the summer include;


Did I ever have an epic start to the summer with my new Four Oceans paddle board! I bought it used from Blakiston & Company last year and though I didn’t get it on the water as much as I would have liked, I had epic adventures when I was on it!

Exploring icebergs was a major summer highlight!

Overall, it was a great summer and I’m looking forward to next year!

What were some of you summer highlights?

Did you get out as much as you would like?

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