Sorry- I have been really bad about blogging these days. I am behind on my Rewind Button projects and now posts about totally fun and awesome stuff I have done! Yikes!

Helen woke me up bright and early to eat breakfast and while sipping on my coffee, I got to meet Adam van Koeverden! I was very excited!

Meeting Adam

We headed off to the water to begin our lesson.

Getting a paddle

We started off the lesson with getting in and getting out of the kayak. This actually proved more difficult than I though. You see, I could get in all right, but when I went to get out, my big butt got stuck! No joke!! I could not just stand up out of the kayak because my wide butt was stuck. So I developed a weird, rolling out of the kayak onto the deck technique that Adam dubbed “The Lethbridge Roll.”

After a few more attempts at getting in and out of the kayak, we headed off, lunch in hand for a picnic on an island on the lake.

Kayaking with an Olympic kayaker. No big deal! Lol

When we got to the island, Adam realized I was going to have a hard time getting out of the boat without a deck to roll onto. I made the guy pull my big butt out of the kayak and you can see in the picture the strain in his face. Ha ha ha!

Trying to get out of the kayak

Once on the island, Adam started a fire going because we had brought a pot and soup and it was a chilly September day on the lake. I got to to relax and enjoy my surroundings while Adam built a fire.

He thought he could cook the pot of soup over some sticks across the fire propped up by rocks. What he didn’t take into account were those sticks setting on fire and falling into the fire, taking the soup with it! Without thinking, Adam threw his hands into the fire to pull out the pot and burned his one hand pretty bad.

While kayaking back, Adam challenged me to a race and even though I knew I would lose, I accepted. He was very nice and made me feel like I was holding my own and then skimmed right by me at the docks.

When we got out of the kayaks Helen and I got it in our heads we wanted to try Adam’s kayak because he said it was super hard to balance in- challenge accepted! I got into the kayak and could feel how tippy it was. As the front end floated out I yelled out “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” and Adam says “No I am still holding on to the back. Oops. The instant he let go I flipped over into the cold September water. Helen gave it a go and she flipped right over too. It was so funny!

After showering and dinner, while relaxing in this amazing screened in  gazebo, a friendly fox came by to say hi. Cliff, the cameraman went out there to get a closer look and Helen followed suit. She named the fox Boots and in an effort to get closer to Boots she put her fingers out as if she had food. Well, Boots must have thought her hands were sausage because he/she chomped down!

Boots biting Helen

It was super funny! Boots hung around the cabin until dark. We capped off the day with smores by the fire while I got to chat with these two amazing athletes about their experiences.

Smores by the fire

It was the perfect way to end the night.

Me & the crew on the docks

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