Adam woke me up at 6 a.m. for an early morning paddle. He wanted me to watch the sunrise from the water and he said that is when he likes to do his training.

Early morning mist on the water

So groggy and tired from paddling the day before I got up and Helen and I joined Adam on the water. It was so worth the early start. While it was cloudy and we didn’t get to see a clear view of the sunrise, the water was still, the forest was peaceful. It was just us and a lone loon on the water.

Adam’s loon call was funny. It sounded like a pigeon. Mine was not any better though.

The three of us headed out on the lake to and off to an unknown destination. They hadn’t told me what the plan was for the day.

Helen paddling with the crew filming

We pulled up to Camp Tamawaka, a picturesque camp that looked straight out of the movie Heavyweights over run with kids having a good time.

We got out and they told me I was going to be doing the ropes course at the camp and ziplining! I couldn’t believe my adventure was getting even better than it already was! We met some camp workers and headed off to get harnessed up for the ropes course. I was super stoked about it, I’m not afraid of heights, and I love stuff like this.  It wasn’t until I began climbing up this flimsy-looking stapled up to the tight rope that I started get nervous. Really nervous.  I’ll let you watch the show to see how it goes but I will spoil this for you- I cried. Yup. Me. Ms. Tough Gal Tynan got scared and cried… on camera!

Stupid ropes course

I had to redeem myself so I went on an easier course and did alright. At one point I was doing the splits- ha ha ha. Next was the zipline. I had ziplined before so I was fine, the worst part was having to climb up those damn staples again! I hate those stupid staples! Up I went and as I jumped the initial sudden drop made me scream like a little girl but then I was fine and I enjoyed the ride.


To top off the adventure, as we were saying our goodbye’s Adam brought out his silver medal from London and let me wear it!!!! I was so unbelievably excited and I am sure you will see that all over my face. I always dreamed of wearing an Olympic medal and while I may not have had the athleticism for it, at least I got that one wish.

Hilarious shot of me holding the medal and Helen reaching for the camera

I always like to say “Life Isn’t Worth Living Without Adventure” and this whole experience was definitely that. I got to do so may firsts on this trip and meet some truly inspiring people, all thanks to Shaw TV and their show Make It Happen.  This incredible adventure has been logged via pictures and video and will be an experience I tell/show my grandchildren.

My profile shot for the show. Ha ha ha!
“Life Isn’t Worth Living Without Adventures”

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