Okay GG fans- this contains spoilers of the recently released revival so please don’t read if you haven’t finished it yet and want it to be a surprise.

Every since the Gilmore Girls revival was announced my old Waterton roommate Keirstyn and I made plans to watch it all in a row together. She and I first bonded as friends on a trip to Pincher Creel where she said it was very “Stars Hollow-esque.” We became the strongest of friends after that. It was my college roommate Jessica who introduced me to the series and I became obsessed. I still watch reruns of the series in the mornings when I get up and get ready for my day.

I drove up to Calgary on Friday after school and we watched all six hours in one night. We were finished at 3:30 am! That’s dedication! Especially on my part when I go to bed between 9-10 pm every night. It took a lot of effort to stay awake.

All that said, I am dying to share some of my thoughts on the revival.

Everyone has aged really well

Though it was clear that time has gone by, everyone had aged really well. Luke was a little heavier, Emily a little frailer, but no one except Miss Patty were unrecognizable. It definitely felt like coming home.

Lorelei’s ‘angst’ was annoying

Her father has passed away and while she is coping Michele is going to get a new job and that sends her into a crisis. After fighting with everyone in her family she decides to go “wild” and hike part of the PCT with absolutely no experience or any sort of physical base whatsoever. Okay, I read that book and found it inspiring too. As an avid hiker, doing a through hike is my dream, but I wouldn’t drop everything because I was a little stressed about life and go out thinking that a hike would change my life. And the way she walked in and told Luke “I’m unhappy I’m going away for a few weeks to hike.” I thought that was so selfish and thoughtless because naturally Luke thought they were over.

I did have a laugh at the group of female hikers who divided themselves amongst those that were there because of Wild the book and those that were there because of the movie. It was funny how they all naively thought that going on a hike would solve all their life problems.

Why is Rory drifting?

I was unpleasantly surprised to see that Rory wasn’t doing so well career wise. Throughout the TV series, she was determined and driven and when we see her all these years later she has had a few successes but can’t seem to really take off. Keir and I discussed how it was nice to see because no one figures it all out in high school and lives what they planned. But it did make me feel like our generation is a joke who can’t get our shit together. Especially when Rory was introduced to Stars Hallow “30-Something Gang,” a large group of kids in their 30s who moved back home and didn’t have jobs.


Paris is badass!

Dr. Paris Gellar was so awesome! I didn’t think of her when they announced the arrival so when she walked out of the doctors office with a sleek short cut in a super fancy office I was pleasantly surprised. I wish they had gone into her storyline a little more, particularly a tour of her 5 story New York townhouse! When she kicked a bathroom door shut during a freak out I laughed until I cried.

I am so Team Logan!

I have always loved Logan and I was never happy with them breaking up. He’s back and he and Rory have a very complicated  relationship. But I adore their chemistry! And I  love how when she talks he is so attentive, so interested in what she has to say, and he offers her great advice and is always trying to help. I  think they belong together and when they said their final goodbye I was crushed!

Luke and Lorelei finally get married in the revival and Luke says my new absolute favourite line about marriage; “the only way you’re getting out of this marriage is in a body bag.” Bah ha ha ha! I’m thinking of getting that saying on a framed poster for our bedroom. So funny!

The Last Four Words were Awesome/Awful!

These last four words have been talked about for years! The show’s creator had always wanted to end the show with the words (avert your eyes if you don’t know yet) “Mom?””Yeah?””I’m pregnant.” And that’s where we say goodbye!!!!! How is that for no closure? But at the same time, so many possibilities. I really didn’t see this coming, normally during a TV show you can tell it’s coming but in this show it through me for a loop. A birth feels like the beginning of something, not the end. But Keir said it was about coming full circle.

In my mind, Rory is going to tell Logan ands they are going to end up together. That’s the beauty of leaving the show on such a cliffhanger, it’s like a choose your own adventure!

To all my hiking fanatic readers who don’t even own a TV, thank you for bearing with me as I went on and on about a TV show. I’m not a big TV watcher but a few shows really resonate with me and this is one of them.

“May your coffee be full and your talking fast!”

Any GG fans- what are your thoughts on the revival? I would love to discuss!

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival

  1. Ok so I stayed up until almost 1am last night finishing and cried for hours. When the show originally aired I wanted to be Rory Gilmore. I related to her in so many ways complete with a love of books and writing. Now as a 30 something myself who’s struggling, I still related to her and man did I cry and cry and cry watching the revival because sometimes I feel so freakin alone while I’m struggling to figure out my life.

    I can’t say that I loved how Rory treated her forgotten boyfriend or the affair with Logan, even though I’m team Logan all the way. That cliff hanger though. Damn. Makes me wish they make a spinoff with Rory and her child.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for! Bit I don’t know if they will! The shows creator always said she wanted to end the series with those words. It was so well done!!!

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