It’s been awhile since I posted an update, although I check in more on my Instagram page (follow me if you want). I’m six weeks out from my marathon and let me tell you, this is not a hobby I plan to take up regularly. This is so much harder than I could have ever anticipated, but luckily because I signed up with my brother, I’m sticking to it. We’re each other’s cheerleaders when it gets tough.

So let’s do an update shall we?

Race Change

We originally signed up for the Rock n’ Roll in Seattle because at the time, my entire family excluding myself lived there. Since Christmas, Bruce got a new job and his family moved to Utah. My sisters also booked a fabulous trip to Barcelona/Ibiza over the weekend of our race. Bruce and I figured there wasn’t much point in both of us travelling if half our family was going to be gone.

Instead we signed up for the Bear Lake Marathon in Northern Utah. I’m actually much more excited about this one because it’s a smaller race in a gorgeous mountain setting, right up my alley!

My Mind is Getting It’s Butt Kicked

Can your mind have a butt? Ha ha! I knew that long distance training was going to be tiring, but I didn’t anticipate how tough it would be mentally. First off, besides Tynan and work, running is all I think about. I get so stressed the day of a long run because I can never go first thing in the morning to get it over with. I have to wait for Ryan or another sitter and I spend the mornings stressing out about the run.

When I’m running my body has been feeling fine, but mentally I’m done. My brain checks out around mile 10 and starts telling me I’m an idiot and that I should call Ryan to come pick me up. Seriously, I put more effort into keeping myself positive than I do running sometimes. It’s crazy!


My Bad Foot is Sore

Remember my busted foot saga? I still have some bone grinding on bone in there and I’ve noticed it’s altered my gait on my right foot. This has resulted in some slight injuries on my right foot. My achilles tendon was killing me for a while there, but an emphasis on stretching and recovering has helped it. But now the outside of my ankle is a teeny bit sore and after my last run I noticed it was slightly swollen too. I’m icing and elevating it several times a day now.


Ding Dong My Butt is Gone

Is this too personal? Nah! Most of my life I was a short sprinter and I squatted very heavy weights to build strength and power in my lower body which always resulted in a nice bubble butt. I’ve mentioned it before, Ryan and I knew each other for years but until he spotted that butt in a bikini, he didn’t have any interest- seriously!

Because it’s been so tough to fit in all the running with my busy schedule, I haven’t been lifting weights and it’s resulted in a flat butt. I knew it was looking flat for awhile now, but when my sister Laura and I wore sister pants we noticed my butt was flatter than hers. Ah!

You better believe I’ll be hitting the weight room hard this summer after my race!

I’m Hungry All the Time

Part of my motivation for signing up for this race was to lose the last of the baby weight, which I did. And I would love to slim down a little more but I’m at the stage in training when I can’t get enough to eat. I’ve been fairly good at keeping it all healthy, but there are times I stuff myself with junk food. Luckily, I run like crap after those days so that helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

I Can Do Anything

Last but not least, I’m so proud of myself for sticking to this because I truly feel like I can do anything. I used to say that I would never run a marathon in my life, and here I am training to do just that.

I have a newfound respect for people who do this regularly. Your dedication and mental strength is amazing!

I don’t plan on doing another after this race, but it’s a great bucket list item I can check off. And the timing is great because at the end of this year I turn 35 and qualify for Masters Track so I’ll want to switch from distance running back to sprinting.

How many readers have tackled a marathon before?

Any tips?? I could use them!!

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