I’m trying to play catch up on the summer adventures and one of those was heading to Idaho to my Aunt’s farm for a family reunion. I was very excited to see my family. At this point, I was 4 months and hadn’t posted anything on social media. I thought it would be more fun to tell them in person.

Jenny and I road tripped the eight hours to Idaho Falls with TyTy, who did SO WELL! Jenny is the best road trip companion because she loves to stop at roadside places and she didn’t mind all the stops we had to make to give TyTy frequent breaks.

Day 1

On the first day, we went down to the actual Idaho Falls to check out the Japanese Gardens and stroll along the falls. I remember looking at pictures of the falls online and being unimpressed because they were so small, height wise. But they are very impressive lengthwise- those falls go on for so long! We kept walking along and the falls kept going. I thought it would be fun to kayak or paddle board along the falls one time.

This outing was ruined a bit for me because Ty chose, for the first time in his life, to be inexplicably upset and cried the entire outing and couldn’t be comforted in any way. I wanted to enjoy the falls and visit with the family, but instead found myself getting frazzled and wanting to go home.

When we went back to the farm, we enjoyed pony rides, playing in a blow-up water slide, and playing games. I also told my family about the pregnancy, which relieved a couple of family members who thought I put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Ha ha!

We ended the day catching chickens and it was so fun to watch my city-slicking family members try to pick up an animal. Most of the time they chickened out at the last minute. (Get it?)

Day 2

Day two was lake day and what an epic day it was!!! There is a beautiful reservoir near my aunts place and we came prepared with kayaks, jet skis, and a boat.

We started the day off kayaking and TyTy loved it! He sat so nicely, enjoying the scenery around us.

Having so much family meant there was always someone around so I could sneak away for small pockets of time.

I learned that jet skis are the most fun thing in the entire world! There was one point where Sarah was driving and jumped a wake so high that I screamed and  peed myself a little from fright. Ha ha!

On our final boat ride of the day, both babies passed out and we enjoyed the last of the hot summer day on the lake.

That night, we had our family talent show and my sisters and I recreated our epic Backstreet Boys act from last Christmas. My little bump added to the look, giving me a beer belly look.

Family is Everything

We all agreed that two full days just wasn’t enough and want to plan for a longer reunion next time. I spent the entire weekend laughing my head off and I just wish my family lived closer rather than being scattered so much.

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