Tynan is finally entertaining himself pulling the stuffing out of a stuffed animal, so let’s get his birthday recap up at last!

April 11 was a family milestone, we celebrated Tynan’s first birthday. I know it’s a cliche, but I can’t believe how fast this first year has gone by and how fast he’s grown!

To celebrate the important occasion, we threw him a little birthday party with family and close friends.

With all the ideas on Pinterest and Insta I found myself having to pull back a lot so I didn’t go too crazy. After all, a first birthday is important, but I don’t need to spend tons of money and stress myself out over too many details.

Take note mamas: All that matters is that everyone has fun. We can’t get sucked into these crazy expectations of flower or balloon arches and giant spreads of homemade goodies.

The theme was “The Dreams That You Wish Do Come True” and I stuck with a Prince Charming/Cinderella feel. Of course, this meant we had to dress up a little for the occasion.

My stepdaughter Ryan and I actually made Tynan’s Prince Charming costume and I was so happy how it turned out!

Snacks were kept simple and I had champagne and sangria since the adults outnumbered the kids by a lot.

And the cake was from Edible Elegance and was gorgeous! I joked that next year, he gets a homemade cake out of a box.

Funny enough, he had NO DESIRE to try to eat the cake or cupcakes. He was too distracted by everything else going on around him.

The kids and I trying to coax him into eating a treat

We had a bouncy castle for the kids and played “Pin the Crown on Tynan.”

For the adults, we played Bingo and I had a bucket of random prizes including lots of fitness stuff from my Buffboxx’s.

We also had some impromptu entertainment at the end when folks started arm wrestling. My 14 year old nephew Dylan was feeling pretty good after beating me and his mom, so we had my mom take him down! She is the coolest!

Mom taking down a 14 year old. Ha ha!

Many of my family members came up from Washington for the occasion including my mom and stepdad and my sisters. Having them there made the occasion seem even more special and I love watching them get to know my little TyTy.

It was the perfect party and I was actually sad the evening it was over because I had so much fun planning it.

And just for fun, I will tell you 12 fun facts about Tynan, one for every month he’s been alive.

  1. He loves mango. (He’s my kid alright!)
  2. He loves having the attention on him.
  3. He’s great at bedtime. He almost always goes down between 7:30-8:00 with no problems or fuss.
  4. He’s not a hug fan of water. He’s getting better at baths, but overall, he’s never liked it.
  5. He loves being outside. Even during cold days when we hustle from the house to the car, he lifts his head to the sky and takes a deep breath.
  6. He likes to love bite. His four little teeth are sharp!
  7. He loves cuddling dogs. I used to think it was Rocky, but it’s any dog. He loves resting his face against their fur.
  8. He’s happiest first thing in the morning, just loving life!
  9. He’s almost walking!!! He can take 2-6 steps on his own before he loses his balance, he’s so close.
  10. He speaks his own language of baby gibberish. Every now and then he’ll say a proper word, but for the most part he chats away in a language only he understands.
  11. He loves music. He stops what he’s doing and bops his head to the music.
  12. He’s very shy with people at first. He’ll stare quietly at new people for 10-15 minutes before he’ll warm up and be himself.

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