I know it’s a cliché to marvel at how fast your kids grow, but it’s so true! You blink and they’re totally different. I’m amazed by Tynan every day. You think you love your baby on the day they’re born, but that love deepens every day!

I am also extremely fortunate to still have a super mellow, relaxed baby. I know there are many first time mothers who are exhausted and stressed with fussy babes. My boy is so chill that I rarely feel stressed over him. I also know that it’s a trap! I’m sure my next one will be awfully fussy to make up for it. Ha ha!

Comparing him at six months from three months, I see he is almost the exact same, except he is SO CHATTY!

He Wakes Up With A Smile

This boy loves his crib! Thanks to the book “Bringing up Bebe” I insisted we start laying him in his crib at night to sleep when he was five weeks. Even though there was a two week stretch where he was up every hour and a half, I put him down in his crib to sleep in between feeds.

Doing this so young means he now likes the quiet and dark of his room. When he’s sleepy and rubbing his eyes, we lay him down and he often smiles, stretches out and passes out.

He sleeps great, only getting up once or twice for a bottle or to chat to himself for a little while. But his schedule right now is 7 p.m.- 6 a.m. All this sleep means he wakes up with a big smile and ready to start his day!

Chatty Baby

He is definitely my child because he has really discovered his voice this last month and won’t stop talking! He chats to us, chats to the dogs, and chats to himself all day. Right now, his sounds are Chewbacca like growls, oohing, and ahhing.

Only Cries When Hungry or Stuck in Car Seat

He still almost never cries! When he’s upset and wants attention, he kind of whines or yells at you to let you know he’s unhappy. But he does cry when he’s hungry and when he doesn’t want to be in his car seat. I’ve started subbing again so this poor guy has to endure a 30 minute drive each way about three or four times a week. He often falls asleep but on the days he doesn’t sleep, he cries out of frustration the whole way! Those drives are nightmares for me because I feel so bad! Too bad there wasn’t a commuter train we could take instead.

Content But Loves Attention

He’s still very content and can watch cartoons, play with toys, or chat to himself for a long time unattended. But lately he has been loving attention and when he decides it’s time for you to play with him, he’ll let you know! Ha ha! Sometimes I have to strap him onto me to get housework done because he won’t be ignored.

Loves Music & Commotion

He still loves music! He has a short attention span for cartoons in the morning, about 20-30 minutes but after that he doesn’t care. But he can listen to music for a long time! He also loves when I sing to him. I’ve written custom songs just for him and I have a few stand by’s like “Be my Baby” by the Ronettes and “Edelweiss” from Sound of Music. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to sing along with me.

He loves commotion too. We were at a volleyball tournament recently and he was in heaven with all the commotion!

Likes Being Outside

If I hadn’t seen him the second they cut him out of me, I could tell he’s my baby becaise he loves being outside!  Everyone has noticed how his face lights up when he gets into fresh air and enjoys watching and listening to his surroundings. On days I don’t work, I insist on at least 30 minutes of outside time a day.

Hates Tummy Time

He still hates tummy time, though he lasts much longer than he did three months ago! He’s rolling over from his back to his tummy and at first is so excited and happy. But in about 3-5 minutes time he drops his head and cries because he doesn’t want to hold his head up anymore. Ha ha!

It’s already been six months and I marvel at all the changes, I can’t imagine what the next six months will be like! I wish I could slow down time, but since I can’t, I make sure to savour quality time every single day and marvel at this amazing little human being.

UNICEF Newborn Kits

Ever since Tynan was born, my whole heart and perspective has changed. I tell Ryan almost daily how unfair it seems that my son was born into a loving family where all his needs are met and he’s smothered in love every day. I’ve been feeling this overbearing need to do something to help babies who are born into this world not so lucky.

Enter Unicef Newborn Kits. For $22, UNICEF provides a gift set to a needing baby that includes a blanket for warmth, prenatal supplements and essential vaccines to provide protection against measles, polio, and tetanus.

As soon as I saw this, I knew this was the way I could help babies easily. Every payday, I am purchasing a Newborn Kit to help a mother and child in need. I encourage all you mama’s out there to visit today and purchase a kit. $22 isn’t much, but it can make such a difference! This isn’t sponsored, partnered or anything. I truly want to help babies in poor circumstances.

Because all babies are miracles!


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