Today marks three months since my world changed forever and Baby TyTy was born. It took five years to get pregnant, 38.5 weeks to make him, and 20 minutes to cut him out and these past three months have absolutely flown by. I knew that a mothers love was string but I didn’t expect it to be this string, and I certainly didn’t know that you fall deeper in love with every day and every smile and every snuggle. Am I gushing too much? Sorry- he’s just that wonderful!

Anyway, since I am not a mommy blogger but still a mommy, I figured updates like this are a good way to go. He’s still a little baby. At his last check up he was in the 30th percentiles for everything and I couldn’t believe that I had such a little guy. But his growth is good so where he compares to others doesn’t matter, although my nephew is in the 90s so I was really taken aback when I found out where TyTy was on that scale.


So who is Baby TyTy?

He is a happy baby who….

  • wakes up with a smile
  • is content to sit on his own and suck on his fist
  • tries to say “I love you”
  • only cries when he’s hungry (literally ONLY when he’s hungry)
  • loves to listen to music
  • likes being outside
  • sleeps so great at night! He gets up once or twice a night to eat and then goes right back to sleep
  • HATES tummy time
  • is the mellowest baby
  • is my whole world

These three months have flown by so fast and while I look forward to all his milestones, I want him to stay little forever too.

My Postpartum Life

And how am I doing? Well, adjusting to a baby has been pretty easy. I think it’s a combination of wanting him so bad for so long and the fact that he is the easiest baby (knock on wood).

I’m struggling with my postpartum body and fitness though. I figured because I was so active and healthy during my pregnancy that I would go back to normal right away. I still can’t fit most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, which is really hard on the psyche. But I keep reminding myself over and over that it took 10 months to make him and I should expect it to take that long to recover, but it’s still tough. I have my moments when trying to get dressed.

And I was so excited to jump back into a fitness routine but something strange happened around the 10 week postpartum mark. My muscles feel so weak and fatigued that even jogging from the car to the house is a struggle. I asked Cat and she said she has the same thing and suggested I try amino acids for strength and energy. I have to research and make sure amino acids are safe for breastfeeding.

These little hiccups aside, I am grateful every single day that I have TyTy in my life!

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