It’s that time of year! Christmas music, cold weather (and I mean COLD -25C), twinkling lights, and gift guides. But due to the extremely tight financial situation we’re in this December (student teaching =  working more than full time hours for no pay), I find myself a little blue that I’m unable to buy gifts for my loved ones and that Ryan and I will not be exchanging gifts this year.

You can see how commercials with women opening boxes of diamonds and gift guides with all this killer fitness and outdoor gear is making me a little envious. But it’s a great way for me to practice simplicity and focus on what’s most important.

Really, all I want for Christmas is a little peace. A long rest after a strained and stressful semester filled with long hours of homework, group work, and lesson planning. A rest from constantly pouring over our budget and figuring out ways to cut every dollar we can from our expenses. A rest from dealing with life’s events such as a dog’s infected paws, backed up sewer pipes, a hacked computer, a crashed computer, frozen pipes, etc.

I am heading to Washington for a long vacation to spend Christmas and New Years with my family and I’m going to get that rest I need.  It will be days filled with laughter and love, teasing mixed with serious talks, and supportive words. I’m hoping this vacation will give me the peace of mind I so desperately crave before I head into another crazy semester.

Don’t get sucked into the craziness of the holidays, remember they’re about togetherness with the people you love. Take this time to clear your mind and rest so you’re prepared for a kick ass 2017!

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