I have been loving our weekly mom adventures! And a couple days before heavy rains flooded it out, we took the kids for a sunny day of climbing and water sliding in Red Rock Canyon.

This is the first time Red Rock has opened to the public since the Kenow Fire in 2017. Prior to that, I tried to always make a point of going once a summer. I have some great family memories exploring and playing in the beautiful canyon. 


This time around, walking up the canyon and exploring wasn’t quite an option. I’m pretty content to scale back things to accommodate the babies because I LOVE watching the adventures through my sons eyes.

We picked our way up a short way from the bridge and found a spot that had shallow water for Ty to throw rocks and wade around in.

The current was pretty strong, string enough to push me down the the little natural waterslides.

I tried taking Ty down and he was NOT having it. Ha ha! But I know as he gets older he’ll like it.

As we were leaving, the kids were looking at this one waterslide that was steeper than the ones we were playing on. Since Red Rock Canyon water is usually only waist deep I went down NOT expecting to go all the way under. That was a fun surprise!


You can’t visit Red Rock Canyon without doing the easy 1km hike to Blakiston Falls. The observation decks are open and we enjoyed the views. Ty and the boys had fun throwing rocks down the deck.

On the way back, Ty fell on the metal observation deck and cut up his little hands and feet. I handed Logan to Cat and carried the little guy on the front.

Do you have any natural waterslides near your home?

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