With my upcoming trip home, I wanted to have one more epic day outside with my closest girlfriends. The original plan was to paddleboard to Hells Roaring Falls off Waterton Lake, but some of the ladies doubted their abilities so we scaled back to a day at Cameron Lake. I am so glad we did because the scaled back day was such a memorable one!


I was super stoked to finally take my new-to-me mermaid board out on the water! I bought it from Blakiston & Co. last fall and have been dying to take that sleek beautiful board out. She didn’t disappoint because it was a quick board and I often had to stop and wait for my girlfriends to catch up.

There are pros and cons to inflatable versus the hard board. I definitely love not having to inflate my hard board!

It was a gorgeous day and the water was calm and serene. I love the back of Cameron Lake in the early season, it’s so lush and green and I counted eight waterfalls. It felt like Iceland or Hawaii or something. The last time I was out here was in a canoe years ago and I forgot how gorgeous it is!

Iceberg Balancing

Around Cameron Lake, I’m not saying exactly where because I want you to find the hidden gems yourself, we discovered an INCREDIBLE hidden lake made of run-off water. The Water was a dazzling shade of blue and waterfalls fell down a rock wall into it.

Since we’re trying to always swim while on adventures, no matter how cold the water, Hayley, Cat and I braved the icy water to swim out to an iceberg and balance on it. Ok, it’s too small to actually qualify as an iceberg, it’s known as ‘bergy bits’.

The three of us got on and tried to keep our balance as the berg rocked back and forth taking on water and adjusting to our weight. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

The best was when we came in. I waited to go last and wanted to run and leap off the end of the iceberg to get as close to the shore as possible. Instead, it caved in underneath me.

Paddle Love

What’s so fantastic about paddleboards is that they are light weight. We were able to carry our boards to this little lake and we spent a couple hours paddling under thee waterfalls, climbing up one of the waterfalls, playing on icebergs and sun tanning on our boards.

It was one of those days that had me bursting with gratitude for living as close to the mountains as I do.

Who’s in Your Girl Gang?

I would have fun doing all this on my own, but what makes these experiences even better is sharing them with your closest friends. Over the years I’ve honed in on close friendships with amazing women to create my girl gang that I love so much.

These women are smart, funny, love the outdoors, and up for anything (almost)! It’s a group of women I can 100% be myself around and we share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences without judgement. or if there’s judgment, we come right out and say it.

I find it astounding how many women have friends with unhealthy relationships. Life is too short- you need to pull in the crew that uplifts you.

Would you swim out to an iceberg? 

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