This past weekend, the Richards got dressed up and headed to the mountains for a family wedding. Ryan’ cousin Billie was getting married and we decided to spend the night in a hotel with the kids and make a weekend of it.

All dressed up we hit the road and were in Sparwood in about 3 hours (we stopped for food in Pincher). The ceremony took place at a member of the groom’s family and the flower laden arbour with a chandelier was absolutely lovely.

After a short ceremony, we headed to the Causeway Bay Hotel to check in. This is one of two hotels I believe in Sparwood and from the outside, it looks old. We got a great deal on Expedia ($100) but I wasn’t expecting much when we headed there. But it was a great surprise to find a renovated room that was very clean and comfortable!

After check in, we went to check out the nearby tourist attraction, the World’s Largest Truck. We had a little A&W snack on the grass and hung out for awhile.

Soon it was time for the reception and we spent an evening chatting, and enjoying time with family. I tried in VAIN to get my family to dance but all three of them are too shy to get up and dance. *eye roll*

The next day, we checked out and headed out in search of the riverside walking trail. As a true Type A, I researched Sparwood earlier in the week for things to do and saw they have an extensive trail system throughout the town so we headed off with my map.


Before hitting the river, we came to the spray park and playground and spent some time there letting the kids play. We were with our friends Ivy and Adam and their young children and this is where they said goodbye as their little guys were tired from the walk.

We had to cross the tracks to get to the Elk River Trail but it didn’t disappoint, the river views were lovely!

We walked until we came to the bridge I had seen a picture of online. The water was rushing fast still and so crystal clear.

I figure we walked about 2 miles, MAYBE 3 in total before getting to the car and heading for home.

My favourite part of the trip was home was how everyone zonked out on me and I drove along singing quietly to music. Ace snapped some photos for me. Ha ha!

And that was our little trip. Sparwood is a great little town for a short family vacation. If you bring bikes, you can bike for days, and the recreation area has a lot to do.

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