Guys, I have been a sulky baby. I’ll admit it even though it’s embarrassing. After I hurt my foot and was laid up for four weeks I spiralled. I did it behind closed doors and put on a brave face at work and for friends, but I was very upset. My foot is on the mend and the ultrasound showed that the tendon isn’t severed, it’s merely pushed off to the side in a weird way from the swelling. I have a pretty bad internal infection and that’s what was causing the pain so I’m on antibiotics now. But because of my negative habits when I was laid up I have to start my training almost all over again and I thought I would share my mistakes.

What Not To Do When Injured

Don’t Wallow

I was a crying baby! I am not a person who likes to sit and do nothing and at the time the doctors didn’t know if I would need surgery or not which meant I possibly had MONTHS of crutching/elevating my foot ahead of me. I cried a bit and felt sorry for myself. It was especially frustrating after I did all that work on the track this summer because I had a secret ambition. I was considering trying out for the University track team this fall and when I realized that goal was out because of this injury my mindset went negative.

I have a friend I met at the 2XU Training camp, Svein (visit his website), who was severely injured in a bicycle accident and he had the best mindset and was back in the gym (on a stationary) within a week. Mindset is everything people!

Don’t Pig Out

I am an emotional eater so can you guess what happened in those 4 weeks of wallowing? I ate- A LOT! I would ask Ryan to bring me back 3- THREE!!- chocolate bars and I would eat them all at once. I stopped eating healthy and stuffed my face. I ate foods with gluten and dairy and “took the stomach ache” which only added to my misery.

Do Any Type of Physical Activity You Can

Because I was sulky I did absolutely no physical activity. Though I was on crutches and couldn’t put weight on my foot, there are a number of things I could have done. I could have done crunches, I could have done some seated yoga, or gone to the gym for upper body. Working out would have also helped with my blues.

Look for Lessons Learned

In my case, I learned that I need to work on my temper, I need to always wear shoes when camping, and that I need to truly appreciate a healthy and able body.

I’m back on the mend now. My foot is still too swollen and sore to fit my foot into a shoe so I’m rocking sandals everywhere, even the gym. Turns out I not only dislocated my toe, I also fractured it, so the doctor said it could be months before I can run without pain so the bike is my new best friend for now.

Yeah for the bike! And sandals.
Yeah for the bike! And sandals.

My family is very into fitness (my brother is a D1 collegiate wrestler) and while they were here we hit the gym almost every day and I feel so good! I feel like myself again! And that’s why I wanted to share my mistakes made with my readers.


Watch for a Friday Fitness Recap this week! Wah-hoo!


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