Like the alliteration in my title? It’s just so catchy!

This weekend was our anniversary weekend and Ryan and I headed to the place we got married, Waterton for a romantic little getaway and some outdoor fun. The weather on the other hand, had other ideas. But I digress, let’s walk through our overnighter.

I booked a killer deal with Waterton Lakes Lodge that included two ski rentals, $40 at Vimy’s restaurant and our room for $180. Pretty sweet deal! I paid an extra $20 to upgrade to the Deluxe Room which was soooo worth the money!

We arrived at about 5pm and were told that because of the avalanche danger, they would not rent us skis. They said we could ski around the town site but that’s it. Did I mention there was a 100 km/hour wind warning?

We decided to deal with that in the morning and went to our room.

Since it was early we thought we would plug in my computer to the room TV and watch the latest episode of Riverdale (we both are really into it) while sipping wine. We had a bottle of red for me and a bottle of white for Ryan. Both bottles disappeared during the 50 minute show- oops!

We made our way through the killer winds to Vimy’s for a romantic dinner where my pal Julie waited on us. Vimy’s was having a Valentine’s Day meal special but because of my dumb food intolerances, we stuck to the menu and I enjoyed a tasty bison burger with a gluten free bun and Ryan had…. I don’t remember what he had. Like at all! If Julie reads this blog, my apologies, because we were not 100% ourselves. Ha ha.

Our original plan was to head to the rec centre and play pool & Foosball, and to swim in the pool and hot tub. But instead we made use of the rooms jacuzzi tub and that’s all I’ll say about that. 😉

Fast forward to bed time and we both had a hard time sleeping because the wind was just howling! When I lived in Waterton, our house was sheltered from the wind by the houses next to us, so this was my first time experiencing it in one of the hotel rooms. Yikes!

We woke up early, bleary eyed and so dehydrated from the wine. We hit Vimy’s again for breakfast where I had an amazing goat cheese and sundried tomato omelette. I also had three drinks in front of me and I drank copious amounts of all three.

We opted out of skiing or snowshoeing and the hotel refunded us that portion of the package which was really nice. Instead, we headed up to Bertha Falls since I knew the first half of the hike would be on the sheltered side of the mountain.

The snow was packed enough we didn’t need snow shoes and we ambled our way up through the trees. To me, any time outside in the mountains is a good time and I chatted away as we went up.

As soon as we rounded the corner of the mountain the wind smacked us in the face like an angry person. My sweaty toque immediately felt ice cold. Ryan had been complaining of a sore back and I figured this made for a good time to turn around. We tried to get an auto timer photo at the popular view point but the wind kept blowing my phone down. We finally gave up, snapped a selfie and headed back down.

On our way down, we realized the little river that flows from Cameron Falls into Waterton Lakes was a killer shade of aqua and we happened to have parked right next to it! So we trudged through the snow to check it out and try to capture that colour with a phone (didn’t work).

Was it the weekend I was planning? No. But it was nice to be away from life, with Ryan with no distractions. But I think next year, we may go somewhere without killer winter winds. 🙂

Did anyone go anywhere romantic for Valentine’s Day?


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