I love the beach. Always have, always will. Maybe it’s from all the trips to Hawaii as a child, or spending my teen years in Seattle but the sand calls to me. I obviously don’t have access to a real beach in land locked Alberta but we’ve made our own nearby at a local reservoir and most people spend their summers on Wally’s Beach.

We are approaching the time of year I start to get antsy for summer. I LOVE winter from November- January but by February I’m over it and ready for hiking season. After staying home sick on Friday I was so anxious to get outside that I talked the family into hitting Wally’s Beach despite the 70 km/hour winds.

While this winter beach day wasn’t quite as cold and snowy as last years, the cold wind blew hard.

My stepdaughter Ryan and I made a homemade kite and we unsuccessfully tried to fly it. I made the string too short for the kite to catch air and take flight but we all had fun with it anyway.

He literally beaned her in the head with the kite. Ha ha! 

We jumped off sand cliffs because that’s Ace’s favourite thing to do on this beach. The sand filled my shoes on the first jump so I went barefoot and had no idea sand could be so cold!

After a little sand cliff jumping we headed closer to the water where the sand became muddier and muddier. Climbing trees helped us avoid the mud.

We only spent an hour before people’s ears and noses were cold and the howling wind started to give us headaches. The dogs were covered in wet sand from head to toe and it took me FOREVER to wash them when we got home.

I love little adventures like this with the family. Ryan won’t jump off sand cliffs or climb trees so thank goodness for children. 🙂

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