I would hardly call the easy 5km to Bertha Bay a hike but walking in the mountains is walking in the mountains!

I had last week off from school (Reading Week) and while my classmates jetted off to Vegas or relaxed at home with their parent’s I went and booked a full time gig working at a day camp at my old cheer gym. Don’t get me wrong- I had a BLAST but was so exhausted that I didn’t return to classes feeling rested and recharged. On Sunday I NEEDED mountain time so I loaded up the dogs and Ryan and I headed to Waterton with plans to attempt Crandell peak.

But when we pulled into the park we saw something we hadn’t anticipated- snow! Of course there’s snow in the mountains in February but during the week photos from friends on Facebook showed a bare Waterton. Ryan hadn’t brought boots and was only wearing his runners. I knew if there was snow in the town, there would be way more as we went higher up Cameron Lake road so we scrapped Crandell and decided to just go to Bertha Bay instead.

The dogs were in heaven! Especially Rocky my snow dog. He was rolling in it every few minutes.

The wind was howling at the scenic viewpoint but we snapped a few photos before heading back into the trees for shelter.

It’s 2.3 km to Bertha Bay so we go there fairly quickly.

It was super windy on the Bay so we tried to take shelter in the trees and warm up with some tea I brought along but Ryan’s wet feet were bugging him and we headed back.

It was really nice because we only ran into one other set of hikers so it was like we had the whole world to ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how many times I go to Waterton I’m never sick of it. It feels like home to me and every years I’m getting to know each trail more and more. I want to spend this summer doing the last few trails I haven’t hit yet and then starting to go off trail to discover new things.

Anyone want to come hiking with me this summer? 🙂

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