Coffee drinkers please take note! I’m not writing this post to alarm you, I’m writing it to warn you. Odds are fairly high you are ingesting mold with your morning coffee every morning. YUCK! Right? There are two different ways you could be ingesting mold and I wanted to share them.

Does Your Coffee Contain Mold?

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about how some coffee can contain mold or mycotoxins. These can lead to health problems such as fatigue, brain fog, and worse. (Natural Force)

Where does it come from?

Mold thrives in moist environments  which is where coffee is usually grown. So if beans aren’t properly dried and processed there is a high risk of mold growing (Natural Force). GROSS right???

Like anything else you buy, if it’s the cheapest on the market, it’s probably the worst made. Besides growing and roasting your own coffee beans, you can’t guarantee mold free coffee but you can reduce the chances of it by purchasing high quality coffee beans. Locally is always better so maybe try Crowsnest Coffee or Kicking Horse Coffee.

If you want a coffee that straight up says they are myotoxin free, you can give Lifeboost Coffee a try too.

Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

When I saw an IG story from Angie Greene talking about reducing the chance of mold build up in your coffee makers I was shocked! She recommended you lift the lid and let your coffee maker dry out after every use and that you empty and wash out all the elements right away. Allowing the moisture to sit there increases the chance of mold growth.

My mind was blown! I always left my coffee maker as is after using it. I wouldn’t clean out the filter and it’s damp coffee grounds until the next morning when I was making coffee again. The coffee maker was always still damp 24 hours after use. Sick!

I used white vinegar to try and clean out the coffee maker, running it mixed with water through several times. And now I lift the lid before I’m even done drinking my pot. The burner doesn’t need the lid closed to keep the pot warm, so I try to allow that moisture to evaporate as quickly as possible.

Products That Can Help

You can buy coffee maker de-scalers or cleaners, but I would still to all natural ones.


Did you know mold was common in your daily drink?

Any other tips for keeping your coffee as healthy and clean as possible?

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