Seawheeze- Pre-Race Fun

Yesterday I talked about the challenges I experienced travelling to and from Vancouver but now I get to talk about the amazing highlights of my […]


Recap of my Trip to Vancouver

Wow! What an eventful long weekend I experienced. This has been one of the best and yet worst trips I’ve had in a long time. […]


My Rainy Mexico Vacation

Hello friends- I’m alive! But just barely. I spent a week in Mexico only to return to mountains and mountains of homework and a midterm […]


Our May Long Dog-Cation in Fernie

When Ryan and I were in Seattle I asked him if we could go away just us for May Long because we were separated for […]


Las Vegas Trip Recap

  I never had any desire to go to Las Vegas. The thought of staying up late drinking and gambling never appealed to me but […]


Enjoying a solo road trip

Last week I cleaned my car from top to bottom in preparation for a 13 hour drive by myself to Seattle. Ryan couldn’t understand why […]