Holy crap is it ever cold! I don’t know about you my fellow Canadians runners, but I am taking it inside on the treadmill until spring I think.  But for those of you who can’t stand the treadmill and are ready to brave the cold, I found a bunch of links that might be helpful.

Stay Warm!

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Running (Adventure to Anywhere Blog)

Embrace Winter! (Michelle the Runner blog)

Motivated Winter Running (Carmmy blog)

7 Things That Happen When You Run in Winter (Canadian Girl Runs blog)

10 Tips for Running in the Cold (Athletarian Blog)

A Beginners Guide to Winter Running (The Bex Factor blog)

Winter Training for Runners (Laces and Lattes blog)

Winter Running Tips (Running Room)

10 Tips for Running in the Cold (Runner’s World magazine)

Winter Running 101 (Best Health Magazine)

How to Embrace Chill and Keep Running (Outside Mag)

How Elite Athletes do Winter (Outside Mag)

Do you train outdoors in the winter?

What’s your best tip for winter running?

8 thoughts on “Link Love: Winter Running Tips

    1. Absolutely! I have NO experience in this area since I’m a wimp and treadmill it up. I’m hoping your wise words will help any reads who want to get out there! 🙂

  1. My tip is to run inside, haha!!! It hardly gets below freezing here but this is the first time in YEARS it’s been freezing for a month straight.

    1. I remember living in Seattle snow would only happen maybe once a year and last for a day! But that wet cold is still pretty brutal!

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