I have always found kayaking exciting and an excellent way to get exercise! I was thrilled when I was taught by one of the best kayakers out there. He was patient, taking the time to share best practices and safety details with me. I can often hear his voice when I venture out and as I make my decisions in the water!

I made plans with a friend to go kayaking since we had a long weekend ahead of us with plenty of free time. My uncle has several kayaks, and he never minds when we borrow them. We planned our route with the destination being along Waterton Lake. We decided we would camp at a lovely spot I am familiar with at the border. It is a hidden gem, and we can enjoy back country camping there.

I kept my eye on the forecast for several days leading up to this trip. The weather was in our favour until the actual day our adventure was to start! The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Yet when we got to the lake, we could see the choppy water all around us. I wasn’t easily deterred, and decided we would go ahead with our plans. I got into one of the kayaks and my friend got into the other with his dog.

While his dog wasn’t a huge fan of the kayak at first, it didn’t take him long to settle in and relax. We could feel the wind all around us, and we got soaked in the first few minutes due to the choppy water. I have always had a desire to go kayaking in the sea, and I imagined that is what it would feel like! By the time we got about 2 km along at Bertha Bay, my arms were aching and feeling heavy.

My friend and I both agreed with this type of weather and how we were physically feeling, we weren’t realistically going to make it to the campsite at the border I chose. We modified our plan and stayed the night at the campsite close to Bertha Bay. It didn’t take us long to get our kayaks out of the water and on the shore. We put up the tent and then enjoyed the rest of the sunlight by exploring this lovely beach area.

While our kayaking trip didn’t go as planned, we had a great time! I am always amazed by the beautiful surroundings out here. I was a bit disappointed we didn’t make it to my favorite camping spot at the border, but thankful I got to spend the day kayaking and spending time with my friend. Waterton offers a delightful place for kayaking and we will be back to enjoy this lake again!