More energy, a toned body, larger muscles, and losing weight are all common reasons people set out to create a fitness program that works for them. Everyone has unique goals and abilities. Everyone can’t get into a gym due to schedules. Others feel self-conscious about working out in public. A good option could be a virtual Nielsen Fitness trainer! You can workout on your schedule and from the privacy of your home!

I will admit, I was skeptical of this concept when I first learned about it! I found this information during COVID-19 when our gyms were closed. I was doing my best to get ready for a marathon, and I was nervous. I had never been in one before, and it was a personal challenge I intended to follow through with! I was hesitant to sign up though because I know first-hand it can prove to be challenging to connect with people online versus in person.

I am pleased to share with you that I loved my very first session and from that point, I was sold on the idea! I gained so much insight working with these personal trainers through Nielsen Fitness. This company is based out of Toronto and today they offer in person classes and virtual options. They have clients from all backgrounds and all fitness levels. They work with people in different age groups and even those with special needs due to pain, health issues, or other concerns.

What does Online Personal Training Entail?

When I was looking at the Nielsen Fitness virtual program, I had questions about how it works and what it includes. We started by discussing my goals and what I wanted to achieve through the workout sessions. I shared that I was interested in getting stronger and enhancing my endurance to prepare for the upcoming marathon. I shared that I had some baby weight that was proving to be difficult to get rid of. One of my goals was to see it gone once and for all! My top goal was to train without hurting myself. I didn’t want an injury to hold me back!

I was fired up discussing my goals and knowing they were paying attention. I scheduled a few sessions to get the wheels in motion. With a busy schedule, I still found it easy to find slots that worked for me. The flexibility of this program meant I could stay on track with my goals. I am not tech-savvy, but it was simple to click on the Zoom link I was sent when I was ready to start each session.

I was worried initially that the personal touches would be missing with virtual training. I was impressed though to see how well it all fit together. I fit well with my personal trainer and we communicated just like we would have in person. I enjoyed learning the new exercises and the proper way to complete them. Each of these exercises was part of a customised plan for my fitness goals too. They were designed to help my core, glutes, and hips.

As soon as each workout session was over, my trainer would email me a copy of what we completed. I then went through those exercises on my own at home a few times that week. I felt confident based on the training provided to me I could safely do them and benefit from them!

Proper Nutrition

Getting in shape for a marathon requires more than just getting stronger and daily exercise. Eating right influences my energy level and development. I appreciated the one-hour nutrition consultation that was part of the package I selected. I will be the first to admit my dietary intake isn’t always what it should be.

Listening to an expert walk me through where I could make the most impact with some changes was important to me. They didn’t judge my eating habits either. Instead, they focused on what I could exchange to get better nutritional value. We also talked about my mindset relating to proper nutrition and that helped me see things in a better frame of mind. This expert helped me calculate the daily calorie intake I need to have enough energy for my running and workouts.

The Value of Online Personal Training

I highly recommend online personal training because it breaks down the barriers between where you are now and your goals. It is very convenient to workout from home. In the time it used to take me to commute back and forth to the gym, I can complete a full workout session. Time management is a juggling act for me, and this was a way to keep me on track and still save time!
As a mother, my children always come first. That made it hard at times to go to the gym. Now I can schedule an activity for them or put in a movie they enjoy while I work out. I don’t have to find a babysitter if my husband isn’t home.

I saved so much money with the Nielsen Fitness personal trainer at home. I stopped paying the gym fee, I saved on the cost of a sitter, and I was also saving money on gas driving back and forth to the gym.

Changing my mindset, saving time, and eliminating barriers all helped me to stay motivated. I knew the customised workouts would help me achieve my goals. That kept me focused, even when I felt pushed to my limits! This method helped me stay accountable too. No more excuses, I got out of bed and got my workout done. Even when I didn’t get as much sleep as I liked, I didn’t just turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.

I knew someone was waiting for me to get out of bed and get that workout started! I looked forward to those sessions and felt great after each one. I continue to schedule sessions with a Nielsen Fitness trainer. I am getting closer and closer to that marathon, and confident I will do well with it. I encourage you to visit their website for a free fitness assessment and schedule one workout. I think you will love it!