When I first decided to try one of Nielsen Fitness’  virtual training packages I was initially skeptical. COVID has forced many things to go online. I taught PE online one semester, so I know how difficult it can be to build relationships and motivate others through a screen. But as I’m doing everything possible to get healthy for my first marathon, I decided to give it a go.

Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I LOVED my sessions with the trainers and found a ton of value working with them. Nielsen Fitness is a Toronto-based company that offers services in their studio in Toronto, in-home, and virtually. They work with clients of all ages and fitness levels, and have a specialization in adults 50+ and those with special or unique needs (chronic pain, injury rehab, etc.)

How Does Online Personal Training Work

Like in-person training, we started off the first half of the first session discussing my goals. I want to build strength for the marathon, remain injury free, and if I can, lose some of this stubborn baby weight in the process.

After we went over all my goals, I spent the rest of my time working with their trainer Evian. We set up our sessions online and I would click into his Zoom link to start the session.

I was pleasantly surprised that we were still able to establish a rapport online and move through the workouts, all of which were customized to my needs. Every exercise was focused on helping improve my running. There was a focus on strengthen my hips, glutes, and core.

After each workout, Evian would email me a copy of what we did so that I could go through the same exercises at least once in the week.

Nutrition Consultation

Part of my package was a one-hour nutrition consultation as well, which was just what I needed. I knew that my diet wasn’t clean enough, but it always helps to have an expert walk you through your eating habits and give you simple swaps or mindset changes.  My consultation was just what I needed to figure out how many calories I should be taking in and how to energize for my runs.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

Convenient- Holy cow was it nice to roll out of bed and be sitting in front of my trainer 15 minutes later. Often getting out the door is the biggest battle and, in this case, it’s not one you have to do.

No babysitter required- I don’t love being distracted by my kids when I’m doing something, but come on, that’s parenting! It was so nice to work with someone while the boys ran in and out or watched cartoons.

Motivating– I struggle with pushing myself so having someone there to count my reps, pump me up, and push me through the pain was just what I needed.

Saves Money- With current high gas prices, I know I saved a ton by not having to drive to a gym to meet up with my trainer. Some trainers work out of gyms which also entails a membership.

Keeps You Accountable- I don’t know how, but Logan always knew when I had an early morning session booked because he always had a bad night. It never failed, the night before a session would be his worst of the week. If I were working out on my own, I would have skipped my workout to get that extra 30 minutes or so of sleep in the morning. Knowing someone was waiting for me was the motivation to crawl out of bed and push through it.


I’m currently working out how to continue to work with my Nielsen Fitness trainer up until my marathon in July. I found the personalized service and motivation extremely valuable as I undergo this major lifestyle change from exhausted, chubby mummy to a runner.

If you want to give it a go, they have a promotion of a free fitness assessment and first workout! Head to their website and sign up and try it out!

Have you tried virtual training? How did it go?

What other services have you begun to use virtually?

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