Moonlight Run 2022 Race Recap

A few weeks ago, 1500 Lethbridge/Southern Alberta runners excitedly gathered for the first Moonlight Run since the pandemic. I’ve run in the Moonlight Run several […]


Family Fun in Utah

I can’t say it enough- I love Utah! Where else can you get a city ticked into the mountains that has a plethora of family […]


Snowshoeing Over an Avalanche

Have you ever had an outdoor adventure and found out later that the avalanche area you walked over occurred in the last 12 hours or […]


2021 Year in Review

I’ve made it an annual post to look back on my year of adventures, with the exception of last year. People get caught up in […]


Your Coffee May Contain Mold

Coffee drinkers please take note! I’m not writing this post to alarm you, I’m writing it to warn you. Odds are fairly high you are […]