Friday Fitness- Being ok with less

I don’t want to turn this blog into a space where I complain about how much work my Education Practicum Studies are this semester but it has greatly affected my workouts and my running schedule. You know how everyone tells you “schedule it in” “stop making excuses” “there’s always time” well those are the voices that go through my head…

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Big fat paw

Apollo’s Infected Foot Saga

There’s something I haven’t been talking about the past couple of weeks, my little border collie Apollo is once again nursing a foot injury. It started off with a simple little tear on his left pad. Earlier this summer he sliced off his right pad on our fence which was another saga of infection and antibiotics, but this time the tear was smaller than…

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Friday Fitness- Gotta get up early!

Friday at last!! This has been a long exhausting week. Getting back into the school groove is tough but my three hour ed classes paired with filling any spare hours with work has been so exhausting! Almost every day this week I’ve come straight home after leaving work or class at 4 and napped. This busy schedule paired with lots…

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Hiking the Carthew Alderson Trail

Prepare yourself readers, this post has 31 photos. On Labour Day, my friend Samara and I headed to Waterton despite the rain clouds to hike Carthew Alderson, a 20 km one way hike that requires a shuttle to the start at Cameron Lake. This was the last hike Samara needed to get the Triple Crown! I’ve been hiking in Waterton…

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Belated Friday Fitness- Skinny Jeans and Busy Schedules

School has begun and I am feeling so overwhelmed right now it’s insane. I’m in my first Practicum semester and between six classes and work I’ll be on campus from 9-4:30 Monday through Friday and that doesn’t count the weekends I’ll have to work on homework or group projects. Needless to say, I’m currently trying to figure out how to…

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Freaking Out Won’t Change the Situation

As a Type A overachiever dealing with anxiety is a part of life. When life feels out of control I have to clean and organize my house, car, and yard from top to bottom merely for the sake of feeling in control of something. But in life you can’t control everything and earlier this summer my brother Bruce and sister-in-law Lauren…

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Friday Fitness Recap- Sep. 2

Hello! I’m back! You may have noticed a sad lack of Friday Fitness posts this month and it’s not because I haven’t been doing anything, work has just been kicking my ass and getting out the few hiking recaps posts was all I could must this  last month. But now it’s September, school is about to start up again and…

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Three Outdoor Travel Destinations and Their Distinctly Unique Factors

Reality competition shows have somewhat been part of our lives for the greater part of this century. Take The X-Factor, for instance. At first, the British television music program, created by the notorious reality show icon Simon Cowell, was intended as a temporary replacement for the slumping Pop Idol franchise. Later on, the show caught wind and made stars out…

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Goat Lake with a Side of Scrambling

There is nothing I love more than a day in the mountains! Over the weekend I met up with a gal I used to coach to go hiking in Waterton. We originally planned to go paddle boarding but it was so cold and overcast when we first pulled into town that we opted to head up to Red Rock Canyon…

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Hiking to and around Bertha Lake

On Saturday I finally met up with an internet friend (Hi Melanie!) and we headed to Waterton to hike to Bertha Lake. Melanie isn’t from here and had only been to Waterton a handful of times so I loved having the chance to play tour guide and watching someone appreciate the place as much as I do. We started off at…

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Review of InTouch Activewear

I am working on being more minimalist. I want less stuff, less stress, less responsibilities and part of that includes my wardrobe. I spent this summer getting rid of the workout clothes I never wear and trying to build more of a capsule wardrobe. Which is why I was really excited to add a classic workout outfit to my wardrobe.…

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Seawheeze Final Recap- Sunset Festival

Do you think four posts dedicated to one weekend are a little excessive? Maybe just a bit! Ha ha! But each element of Seawheeze was so jam packed with fun and I have so many pictures that it just had to be broken off into smaller bites. My sister Leilani came up from Seattle to spend the weekend with me…

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Seawheeze 2016 Race Recap

I am so happy that I chose Seawheeze for my first half marathon! It was a fun, positive environment filled with other high energy people and it really was all about having a good time, which is rare for races. In my case the fun environment distracted me as I pushed my body harder than I ever have. I started…

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Seawheeze- Pre-Race Fun

Yesterday I talked about the challenges I experienced travelling to and from Vancouver but now I get to talk about the amazing highlights of my trip including the fun packed day before the race. I knew that there was a festival after the race, but I had no idea there would be so much to do the day before! I finally…

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No filter needed on this amazing feat of nature

Recap of my Trip to Vancouver

Wow! What an eventful long weekend I experienced. This has been one of the best and yet worst trips I’ve had in a long time. I’ll go into further details on the race itself and the festival as a whole in later posts but I figured the best way to give you a feel for my overall trip was to…

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